Ysmart Unveils SHARKZ: The Ultimate EDC Micro Knife, Smashing Kickstarter Goals in Just One Day

LONDON, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a remarkable demonstration of innovation meets practicality, Ysmart has once again shaken up the Everyday Carry (EDC) landscape. Their latest offering, SHARKZ, a compact yet extraordinarily sharp micro knife, has not only intrigued but captivated the Kickstarter community, achieving its funding goal within a mere 24 hours of its campaign launch.

The Genesis of a Cutting-Edge EDC Tool

Ysmart’s ninth venture on Kickstarter, SHARKZ, is a testament to their relentless pursuit of redefining everyday tools. Far from being a conventional keychain cutter, SHARKZ represents a new era in EDC knives. Its Grade 5 Titanium construction renders it virtually invulnerable to the elements, boasting a rare combination of waterproof and fireproof properties.

Precision Engineering Meets Unmatched Sharpness

The heart of SHARKZ lies in its blade. Composed of 90% tungsten carbide along with Ysmart’s proprietary materials, it offers a level of sharpness, hardness, and durability seldom seen in EDC knives. This micro knife, measuring just 5cm, is an embodiment of the principle that size does not compromise capability.

Design Philosophy: Where Elegance Meets Utility

SHARKZ breaks the mold with its minimalist yet functional design. Its compact stature allows it to seamlessly integrate into daily life, be it tucked in a wallet, hanging on a keyring, or clipped to a backpack. Ysmart has meticulously balanced aesthetic appeal with practical utility, making SHARKZ not just a tool but a lifestyle accessory.

Aesthetic Appeal: A Knife That Speaks to Style

Beyond its robust functionality, SHARKZ is a piece of art. It is available in four distinct styles – the sleek ‘Frost’ and ‘Matrix’ laser-engraved designs, and the vibrant ‘Tornado’ and ‘Skull’ variants. Each style is a reflection of individual personality, transcending SHARKZ from being merely a tool to a fashion statement.

Inspired by Nature’s Apex Predator

Drawing inspiration from the shark, SHARKZ is more than just an EDC knife; it’s an embodiment of power, efficiency, and adaptability. Like the majestic predator of the seas, SHARKZ is designed for resilience, precision, and versatility.

Looking to the Future: Beyond the Kickstarter Success

Ysmart’s vision extends beyond the immediate success of SHARKZ on Kickstarter. Plans are underway to ensure SHARKZ is not just a crowdfunding sensation but a mainstay in the EDC toolkit. The team at Ysmart is committed to continuously innovating and delivering solutions that redefine the standards of everyday carry items.

Join the Revolution in EDC Innovation

For those looking to be a part of this groundbreaking journey with SHARKZ, the Kickstarter campaign is just the beginning. Ysmart invites backers and enthusiasts to follow their progress and be a part of their ever-evolving story of innovation in EDC.

For detailed information about SHARKZ and Ysmart’s revolutionary approach to EDC, visit https://shorturl.at/djIS3 or reach out at

About Ysmart

With a legacy of eight successful Kickstarter campaigns, over 23,500 backers, and more than 92,000 products delivered, Ysmart has established itself as a leader in innovative EDC solutions. Their commitment to blending design excellence with functional superiority continues to set new benchmarks in the EDC space.

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