Wine Slush Mix Company Announces New Product – Bourbon Slush Mix

CINCINNATI, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jim Miller Gourmet, maker of Vino Slush Wine Slush Mix, has announced a new product just in time for the summer – Bourbon Slush Mix. It tastes just like the old, traditional bourbon slush recipe, but without all the fuss.


No need to cook sugar and water to make a simple syrup. No need to brew tea from scratch. No need to measure out sugar or any other dry ingredients. Just add lemonade, orange juice and water. You can also flavor it with syrups or fresh fruit.

Owner Jim Miller states, “You can use any brand of bourbon or whiskey with our Bourbon Slush Mix. We’ve added a few new ingredients to the traditional recipe to make it even more flavorful.”

Jim Miller Gourmet has been selling its Vino Slush wine slush mix since 2010 to over 400 wineries, plus many shops and stores all across the country. The mix works with any kind of wine – red or white, sweet or dry. The mix can also be used for cocktails using spirits instead of wine. They have many cocktail recipes on their website.

The wine slush mix is available in pre-packaged pouches and 30 pound bulk cases. The bulk cases allow customers to save money by not having to pay for packaging when using the mix in a frozen drink machine. The company also sells their special pouches empty so customers can fill the pouches from the bulk mix and add their own labels for their own private label wine slush mix. Plus, they make an extra dollar profit by doing so.

The company also has dealers around the country that sell their products at special events such as festivals, craft shows, fairs, farmers markets, etc. In addition to their Vino Slush wine slush mix and the new Bourbon Slush Mix they also sell Wine Mulling Spices and Bread Dipping Mixes. New wholesale inquiries are welcome.                                   

Miller says, “2020 was our biggest year ever. Now, it’s nice to branch out into a new market for folks who also enjoy bourbon drinks. We are excited for our customers to have a new spirits product to add to our wine related products.”

Jim Miller – Owner
Jim Miller Gourmet

SOURCE Jim Miller Gourmet

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