What Would Traveling 4,000 Miles Do for Your Mental Health?

CLEVELAND, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Max Hobhouse and Sophie Traube, the cyclists for Top to Bottom, will travel over 4,000 miles from Portland to New York City to raise awareness for mental health. With each rotation of a wheel, the thoughts about mental health change.

Max was already aware of the connection between being physically active and mental health when he obtained an injury that took him out of the rowing team at the University of California, Berkeley.  But to become so aware of it when you cycle every day becomes more of an eye-opening experience of how complex it can be. 

"My everyday focus is getting to the next stop. It makes me aware that a focus truly helps my mental health," Max stated. "I think that’s a strong component with physical health.  Yes, it helps me mentally, but often, a physical health component we desire contains a goal. "it’s a goal, it’s a focus," Max reiterated. It’s a mind that now has a purpose. 

But that goal can be a slippery slope and must be maintained with self-awareness. "I think that’s what came to light for me; if you can’t reach a physical goal, then it can hurt you mentally," Max said.  You should be physically active to maintain your mental health, but what do you do when those goals aren’t achieved?

When an athlete faces an injury, it can feel like suddenly their body has let them down. "It wasn’t so long ago that I was someone that was struggling with my mental health issues.  My time at Berkeley was tough.  I was anxious, labeled as moody, insecure, suffering to control my weight, and alone in my head.  Since then, I have put all my efforts into bettering myself: rehab, sobriety, understanding triggers, therapy, and more," explained Max. 

It appears that life is an everyday attempt to balance. 

As the end of their journey is in sight, they kindly ask for just $5 to buy them a coffee through their Instagram site or buymeacoffee.com website.  "View it as fuel as we cycle," said Sophie.  All funds raised will go to James’ Place and NAMI.   Each link will take you to Sophie or Max’s fundraising goal. 


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