WAIV Technologies Launches World’s First Solar-Powered GPS Tracker with Capsize Detection, Specifically Engineered to Help Boat/Jet Ski Rental Businesses

SAN DIEGO, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Already an established leader in wireless GPS tracking technology for boats and jet skis, WAIV (https://www.waiv.co/) announced the official launch of its newest iteration in boat-tracking technology: the WAIV XStream. The new generation launches WAIV beyond ordinary GPS tracking and geofencing. XStream gives WAIV rental operators real-time situation awareness such as when a boat will return late, when renters need assistance, or when renters are speeding or enter non-allowed areas. WAIV’s cloud-based software also keeps tabs on start time, end time, and duration of each individual rental session.

WAIV XStream: Easy to Use by Design 

“Ease of installation, ease of use, and affordability are top priorities for WAIV,” said Magnus Berggren, president at WAIV Technologies.  The WAIV XStream is perfect for rental businesses that hire seasonal staff of various technical skill levels. With WAIV, staff do not need to be marine electricians. Improper electrical installation frequently causes battery short-circuiting that may strand renters at sea or make a boat unavailable to rent”.

We’re also really excited to introduce two-way communication, giving renters the ability to request assistance, or request additional rental hours, providing upsell opportunities for rental companies.”

The WAIV app works on mobile phones and tablets as well as PCs and laptops – letting rental staff multitask and stay mobile, while helping rental customers. 

XStream is built to handle tough environmental conditions including wide temperature ranges, mechanical vibration, UV, salt water, chemicals, and is completely wireless and self-contained.

WAIV XStream features include:

  • World-wide Service Coverage: 4G mobile services provide terrific coverage with low-power consumption world-wide.
  • Solar Powered: No wires to connect, for a quick and effortless installation. 
  • Capsize Detection: WAIV uses patented advanced-motion technology. Operators receive text alerts for events including jet-ski inversion & boat capsizing
  • Geofencing: Fully customizable geofences alert staff whenever renters enter restricted areas or go out-of-bounds. The fences also detect speeds, or if a boat/jet ski walks away from home after business hours.
  • Team Management: WAIV’s app supports multiple types of user account. For example – seasonal staff can be assigned limited access user accounts, allowing them to view boats and receive text alerts, without allowing them to modify the fleet or other important account settings.
  • Two-Way Communication: Automated, personalized text messaging providing dockhands and other workers with instant alerts, like: “Jet ski #3 returning home, be ready to assist.” Renters can also communicate back with dock staff to request additional rental time, or to request assistance if stranded.

To learn more about WAIV XStream, visit https://www.waiv.co.

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Magnus Berggren


SOURCE WAIV Technologies

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