Vitaliy Sokolov, the CEO is Taking the Business Industry by Storm

NEW YORK, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Vitaliy Sokolov, the 8 Figure Founder and CEO of the electronics manufacturer NavTool. As one of the top entrepreneurs and philanthropists of Clubhouse, he has built hundreds of E-commerce stores on Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. He is a renowned consultant to a plethora of businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. With over a thousand followers on Clubhouse, Vitaliy garners respect from fellow tycoons and business owners because of the value and wisdom he provides to everyone.

“Work smarter, not harder,” Vitaliy reveals that making the right choices leads to more significant opportunities and faster growth. An immigrant from Moscow, Russia, Vitaliy realized he could make it bigger by building a business and becoming his boss in the automotive industry when he settled in America. “It is my passion to work around with cars; create and design electronic devices to make people’s lives more convenient. His successful manufacturing company for electronics, NavTool is the only video interface company that makes products in the USA.

Vitaliy is a natural entrepreneur, born to lead a company that provides reliable solutions for customer’s needs. Vitaliy knew he had big shoes to fill in when he started his business from scratch. Because of his determination and passion for trying things, he broke through countless adversities and arrived at where he is today. He remarks that having a deep-seated motivation and a sturdy mindset reminded him of his purpose. “If you do not have a goal, everything will be pointless. You will give up trying. When I retire, I want to enjoy a comfortable life with my family, and that mindset keeps me motivated.”

Today, Vitaliy is known as a renowned business growth expert. He provides valuable insights and teachings to aspiring startups and entrepreneurs. With his assistance, numerous companies achieved the 6-figure goal (and more) in six months. When it comes to scaling a business, Vitaliy is one of the most sought-after hosts on Clubhouse. “I want to share and pass on my knowledge to help future generations of entrepreneurs who also want to reach success.”


Kim Peterson 

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