Unicity Donates 80,000 Nutrient-Dense Meals to Address Global Malnutrition Crisis

Donations to food banks in three states help fight hunger and support Unicity’s Make Life Better Foundation’s mission of food sovereignty and community health

OREM, Utah, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — During the first quarter of 2023, Unicity’s Make Life Better Foundation donated more than 80,000 meals to six different food banks in three states where Unicity has office locations: Nevada, Wyoming, and Utah. Keeping with their mission to support food sovereignty, these meals were high in protein, nutrient dense, and culturally appropriate.

These donations followed similar donations made by Unicity in previous years to food banks in the United States, as well as meals donated to Ukraine, Thailand and the Philippines as part of other projects. While Unicity recognizes the long-term benefits of their sustainable agriculture projects, direct meal donations fill critical, immediate needs and help those in desperation to find ways forward. Upon receiving a large donation, a representative of a food bank in Wyoming said, “There are a lot of empty shelves and freezers around here and this will go a long way to helping a lot of people.”

The Unicity Make Life Better Foundation works to bring nutrition to people around the world. “We work to ensure people have access to food that will nourish their health,” says the foundation’s executive director, Bonita Hughes. “The Unicity Make Life Better Foundation is committed to fighting the global metabolic public health emergency and increasing opportunities for marginalized populations worldwide.”

About the Unicity Make Life Better Foundation: The foundation works to ensure people all around the world have access to and control over culturally appropriate and nutrient-dense food that will continue to fuel their health for generations. The Unicity Make Life Foundation is committed to fighting our global metabolic health emergency and increasing opportunities for marginalized populations worldwide.  

Media Contact:
Sarah Smart
Director of MLB Foundation 



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SOURCE Unicity International