The Ultimate Rap League Shocks the World with Star-Studded Ultimate Madness 3 Tournament On Caffeine.Tv

NEW YORK, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After the success of SMACK URL’s break-out Ultimate Madness and Ultimate Madness 2 tournaments on, is back with the third season of competition.

2021 promises to be one of the most exciting years in competitive emceeing and the Ultimate Rap League is at the forefront of the movement with the biggest and brightest stars, top tier performances, and the hottest rising talent in the culture.

UM3 breaks rank from the previous brackets by mixing it up with old and new eras, females and males, all fighting for one mega pay-out.

“Last year, we changed the game and introduced a brand new crop of emcees to the world,” Troy “Smack White” Mitchell says of the four-week star-studded event, “This time bringing outside some of the top names in the culture to go toe-to-toe with the hungriest young-gunners on the URL roster.”

Listed according to their first match-ups are the competitors in the URL’s third tournament: Cortez vs. O’fficial, Swamp vs. Jerry Wess, Riggz vs. Geechi Gotti, JakkBoy Maine vs. T-Top, Serius Jones vs. Rum Nitty, Drugz vs. Yoshi G, Swave Sevah vs. Prep, and Casey Jay vs. Nu Jerzey Twork.

During the 2020 global coronavirus pandemic, the URL was the only power to consistently (week-after-week) provide top quality programming for battle rap fans bringing in an unprecedented 8.7 million views on the live-streaming platform, averaging a watch time of over 100 minutes for the main event battles that regularly trended #1 on Twitter, alongside UFC, NBA, MLB, and NFL.

Only URL could boast one event that drew an audience of 350,000, becoming one of the biggest live-stream events on any platform in 2020.

“Before Caffeine,” Drake reflects on his pioneering partnership with URL and the streaming service, “I remember how difficult it was to stream battles, so to have made it easy enough that millions are watching and the fan base keeps growing is amazing.”

Plans to grow the fanbase include 200+ days of URL content, including 22 highly anticipated main events like the upcoming UM3 tournament and special celebrity pop-outs.

“Last year, URL and Caffeine produced some of the largest and most engaging live entertainment events in the world, despite unprecedented challenges”, says Tori Socha, Caffeine’s Chief Content Officer. “As the world slowly starts to return to normal, we’ll keep delivering top-notch entertainment directly to your screens — and UM3 won’t be any different. You won’t want to miss it.”

UM3 airs live on URLs Caffeine channel,, on Saturday, April 24 at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST. Battles from UM3  will start to stream exclusively on The Ultimate Rap League’s App within weeks of their debut.

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