The Magic of Mangroves: Kale Tree by Sarah Barnard Design Releases New Rug for Summer

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for Summer, Kale Tree by Sarah Barnard Design is releasing an exclusive mangrove patterned rug honoring one of nature’s greatest natural healers.

Crucial for sustaining a vast ecosystem, mangroves provide food and shelter for local wildlife and offer filtration. Found above ground but rooted in saltwater, the plants connect land and sea. Their presence improves water quality, particularly beneficial to coral reefs, another crucial ecosystem. Mangroves will also naturally absorb water when typhoons and hurricanes hit, serving as a protective barrier to those living near the coast. 

Coastal development, farming, and industry are all contributing to a rapidly decreasing presence of mangroves. These plants are not only beautiful but offer incredible ecological support for a great range of life in the ocean and on land.

Kale Tree Shop is known for its dedication to the environment. Its newest summer collection highlights the value of this incredible plant life. Interior Designer Sarah Barnard, LEED and WELL AP, says, "As an environmentalist, I’ve always been inspired by coastal nature and am committed to its preservation. Mangroves are such an incredible natural resource." Sarah believes that the mangroves speak to the earth’s ability to heal. "As humans, we have a role as stewards for the planet. We are part of a rich ecosystem, and acknowledging that relationship is a huge step in appreciating our earth through care and intentionality." 

Beyond hoping to draw more attention to vital mangroves, Kale Tree Shop will donate a percentage of all net proceeds to the Mangrove Action Project. They are self-described as an organization that "empowers local stakeholders to mitigate mangrove stressors, and teaches them how to use mangrove ecology and biology to facilitate natural regeneration." 

The rugs are available in several sizes, in 100% New Zealand natural wool or vegan bamboo silk, which offers a soft sheen. Two colorways, Land with warm mushroomy browns and Sea in soothing blue-greys, have neutral palettes pulled from two worlds the plant occupies. Each rug is made to order, and colors and sizing can be customized to fit individual needs. 

Kale Tree Shop offers beautiful and unique products inspired by nature that acknowledge the need to care for our earth through conscious sourcing and material selections. In addition to the Mangrove Rug, Kale Tree offers a variety of products, including abutilon-inspired wallpaper and textiles. Kale Tree’s previous collections include its Moth Rug and a light inspired by its host plant, the ginkgo tree. Sarah is an avid birder and gardener, and her inspiration comes from time spent outdoors. 

As the heat comes in and more and more people make their way to the beach, Sarah hopes the rug serves as a reminder to cherish our coastlines. The rug will be available through beginning June 21st to welcome in summer.

Sarah Barnard is the founder of Kale Tree and a creator of environments that support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. An advocate for consciousness, inclusivity, and compassion in the creative process, Sarah has been quoted by Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Vouge, HGTV and many other publications.

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