The First Online Wellness Service for Latinos Around the World Created by Latina Therapists

MIAMI, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OpcionYo,—the first online wellness service for Latinos around the world created by Latina therapists, empowers members to focus on their wellbeing every day. With affordable and virtual sessions, OpcionYo transcends the traditional barriers to quality accessible health and wellness care for Latinos. Now within their fingertips, Latinos can access therapy, life coaching, and nutritional guidance from qualified experts who speak their language and understand their culture.

Unlike other mainstream virtual therapy services, OpcionYo understands and identifies with Latino culture. As Latina therapists, the company’s founders bring diverse experiences navigating life as Latinos and know that cultural connection is imperative to build impactful and trusting relationships with members. In addition to clinician-member relations, OpcionYo believes that community is equally significant for building a better life and creating a better world. Therefore, OpcionYo offers both individual and online group therapy sessions that provide members with opportunities to develop real-world and life-changing relationships with other Latinos across the globe.

Community is the foundation of OpcionYo. Co-founder and CEO Daniela Sichel’s inspiration for OpcionYo began when she found herself without community support during the challenges of balancing her life as a Latina, therapist, mother, and immigrant. "From my childhood in Venezuela to living and working as a therapist between the United States and Peru, I have experienced all the barriers limiting Latinos around the world from focusing on their mental and physical well-being. However, thanks to my life experiences, I was able to create a solution and Latinos across the globe now have access to a community that allows them to choose their wellbeing everyday through OpcionYo," says Daniela. 

OpcionYo understands finances are a major barrier for Latinos to take care of their emotional wellbeing; therefore, the company offers a variety of session prices. "Our mission at OpcionYo is to democratize access to wellbeing by offering quality services and products to transform Latino’s lives and improve their world, no matter their financial situation. Instead of having to pay more upfront for our monthly memberships, we offer lower-cost options so members can pay per session. No matter which option a member selects, they will receive the same opportunity to live better lives," says Giancarlo Molero, Co-founder and CMO.

About OpcionYo

OpcionYo was founded in November 2019 by Latina therapists Mariana Morales and Daniela Sichel with the idea to unite the best specialists in psychology, nutrition and coaching to empower Latinos around the world to focus on their wellbeing with accessible and quality care. The mission of OpcionYo is to democratize access to wellbeing by offering quality services and products to transform Latino’s lives. OpcionYo is for everyone—whether you’re going through a crisis or looking to choose a better life. #TuMundoMejor

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