Teatulia Teas Does it again with Tea and Botanical Flavor Innovations; Featured in Recent Cider Collaboration with Stem Cider – Leaves

DENVER, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Premier organic tea maker Teatulia recently collaborated with Stem Ciders as an ingredient provider for their new botanical cider: "Leaves." At only 100 calories and zero grams of added sugar per 12 oz. serving, the Stem Cider flavor is part of the botanical cider series, focusing on fresh, botanical ingredients. Serving as perfect examples of how tea and botanicals can transform any craft brew for the better, Teatulia is excited to explore more collaborations at the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference in Minneapolis, May 2-5.

"Tea and botanicals have not traditionally been looked at as ingredients in the cider, beer or alcohol industry, but we’re well on the way to changing that," said Tim Bradley, Teatulia’s CEO. Added Chris Olsen, Chief Business Development Officer: "We are proud to help provide ingredients for Stem Cider’s new recipes, as they are a fantastic example of the talent and artistry that goes into craft brewing. We look forward to working with Patrick Combs and his team again – they are really breaking new ground by using tea to expand flavor profiles."

Botanical Ciders Featuring Teatulia Tea

"Our new botanical cider series was designed as a way for us to explore new boundaries of cider and how it relates to better-for-you beverages," explains Patrick Combs, Director of Innovation and Quality for Stem Ciders. "We’re continuing to experiment with other botanicals and hope to expand the series by utilizing functional ingredients in a very flavorful way."

  • "Leaves" – Following the notes of a classic Arnold Palmer, with features of rich Oolong leaves, Chinese Black Fanning tea, and hand-picked, organic Lemongrass. A lemon verbena and Stevia leaf layer on top of a dry cider base, "Leaves" is an earthy, tart, citrus-forward cider with a clean, refreshing, and sweet finish.

"The craft brewing community has embraced a whole new tea-cabinet of delicious ingredients to work with and we’re thrilled we can help establish tea and botanicals as keynote ingredients in this incredible craft market. We continue to supply tea to the majority of top US kombucha and hard kombucha brewers," Olsen said, "as well as select, breweries and seltzer makers."

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About Teatulia Organic Teas

Teatulia is a grower, producer, and seller of fine teas and botanicals ethically sourced across the world. Grounded in one simple principle, every cup Teatulia cultivates supports the land and its people to build a world where everyone thrives. Teatulia tea and botanicals have the kind of clean, fresh taste that comes from doing less to interfere with what the earth does best. Known for their garden-direct sourcing, Teatulia’s tea and botanicals never sit in long-term warehouse storage or wait around to be blended by a third party. The result is fresh, great-tasting teas and botanicals that are better for the land, the people, and the environment.

Teatulia a Public Benefit Corporation is always mindful of how its actions impact worldwide communities and actively supports ethical organizations like the Whole Planet Foundation, Rainforest Alliance, and B Corporation. Teatulia is also proud of its exquisite, clean, and smooth-tasting teas that support education, business, and health initiatives – demonstrating a thorough commitment to sustainability. Learn more about the growing tea varieties and exciting creative collaborations at: www.Teatulia.com.

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