SUYO Single Origin Pisco Releases Exploratory Series

Limited Quantities Available in Select Markets and Online

NEW YORK, July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SUYO is a Peruvian pisco brand dedicated to empowering artisanal pisco producers and sharing the best single origin pisco with the world. Since SUYO’s launch in the US in 2022, the brand has focused on building awareness of the pisco category and introducing consumers to its two core pisco products – Single Origin Quebranta and Single Origin Italia.

As co-founders Alex Hildebrandt and Ian Leggett continue to explore the Peruvian countryside in search of unique piscos, they frequently meet artisanal producers making incredible distillates in hyper limited quantities. In most cases, they are intended only for local consumption amongst friends and family. “We find these amazing spirits tucked away in remote valleys of Peru, but given the tiny and limited quantities, we typically are unable to introduce them via our core line,” says Alex. So, they decided to create SUYO’s Exploratory Series.

SUYO’s new Exploratory Series creates the opportunity to share rare and exclusive spirits from unique varietals, regions, and production methods. Each release will typically be less than 200 bottles.

The first Exploratory release is a 2015 vintage ‘Mosto Verde’ pisco from the Italia grape variety (Muscat of Alexandria) that was distilled from partially fermented grape must and then rested for 8 years in neutral containers. All 174 bottles were purchased by a spirits aficionados group.

The second release, from the Negra Criolla grape variety, is SUYO’s interpretation of what pisco was like 500 years ago, similar to an “ancestral” mezcal. The grapes for this pisco were harvested in 2015 from a vineyard located 1,700 meters above sea level in the CaravelĂ­ region of Arequipa, Peru. The grapes were foot-stomped and then fermented in amphora-style clay vessels, that were partially buried to control temperature. The must was then distilled in a traditional 500L alembic copper pot still and the spirit was rested for 8.5 years. 

The third Exploratory release is “technically not a pisco because it is rested in wood, but that’s one of the fun parts about the Exploratory releases. They give us an opportunity to really put our creativity to the test,” adds Ian. Pisco, due to its Peruvian Denomination of Origin, can never be aged in wood and must always be clear. However, when Alex and Ian first started this project in early 2020, they put some Quebranta pisco into a barrel anyway to see how it would taste, and earlier this year they decided that the timing was right. This limited release was aged for 4 years in ex-whiskey American Oak barrels and the resulting ‘Andean Brandy’ as they are calling it, was bottled at cask strength.

Only 180 bottles of the Negra Criolla and Andean Brandy were produced. SUYO released 30 bottles of each online on July 1st and the remaining amount will be made available at select retailers in New York, Massachusetts, and California.

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Media Contact:
Alex Hildebrandt