Suraksha Naturals Honors the Past and Respects the Present

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Modern science is a powerful healthcare tool. At the same time, traditional medicinal wisdom has never been more venerated. Most health and wellness brands focus on one of these two angles. Suraksha Naturals manages to do both at the same time. The Indian health and wellness brand has built a successful international company based on the dual power of innovation and tradition.

Suraksha Naturals prides itself on creating research-based supplements that provide effective results. The company holds to the highest scientific standards when it comes to research, utilizing field experts (many of which are kept directly on staff), and adhering to impeccable levels of quality as they move each product from inception to creation. According to the company website, Suraksha Naturals is “one hundred percent based in nutrition science” and employs “an acclaimed team of research professionals.”

For most brands, the claims would stop there — and rightly so. A science-backed, quality supplement is enough to garner buy-in from most consumers. But Suraksha doesn’t stop there. They have fought to differentiate themselves in a saturated market by also incorporating a company-wide inspiration for “the deep roots of Ayurveda practices.”

Ayurvedic medicine offers holistic solutions to the complexities of life — a fact that Suraksha Naturals knows well. The brand has used its scientific acumen to modernize many classic Ayurvedic medicinal practices by mining five-thousand years of accumulated and cultivated experience to inform its holistically-minded supplements.

This has resulted in the company’s uniquely effective Keto-Veyda product line. The keto-focused brand uses Ayurvedic herbal remedies in conjunction with the modern keto diet. This helps fill in many of the nutritional gaps left by the popular dietary lifestyle.

In the delightfully concise, mathematically inclined words of the brand, “Innovation + Tradition = Keto-Veyda.”

Suraksha Naturals’ ability to provide a needed product while the keto diet’s popularity is at its height has enabled the well-established enterprise to launch into the limelight as an industry leader with an increasingly global reach. The company remains well-positioned to continue its tradition-and-science approach to health well into the future.

About Suraksha Naturals: Founded in 2003, Suraksha Naturals is an India-based enterprise and one of twelve subsidiaries that make up the Suraksha Group Company. The brand has been expanding internationally at a rapid pace in recent years and is gaining customers and accolades alike throughout the international health and wellness community.

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