Storacell Introduces Newest Evolution to Popular Line of Made in the U.S.A. Battery Storage: ‘Storacell Pro’

OSWEGO, Ill., June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Storacell recently overhauled its website ( and added a host of new features as part of a comprehensive launch for its latest patent pending, battery storage product: the Storacell Pro. Using embedded magnets, the Storacell Pro safely pulls in and holds each battery into place. The highly visible, portable caddy allows each battery to be easily removed through a friction free opening at the top of the unit. The Storacell Pro has many of same features that made the original Storacell caddy a commercial success and is ideal for rechargeable batteries. Storacell manufactures its battery storage products for U.S. retail locations, e-commerce wholesalers, and international sellers.

"We’re very excited to introduce the Pro to our customers," said Storacell Founder, Rick Foreman. "User feedback is extremely important to us, and we continue to listen to what our customers want and need. The Pro uses magnets located in each storage cell to secure individual batteries until they are removed by pushing them out one at a time. And the magnetic parts are manufactured with carbon fiber, which strengthens the caddy and gives it a unique, matte finish. The Pro is currently offered for AA and AAA batteries – but we’ll be expanding those options in the future, in one of many, major upgrades we’ve got planned. All in a constant effort to ensure Storacell products continue to be the most user friendly and convenient battery storage solution on the market."

Storacell: A Place for Every Battery

Each lightweight caddy is designed for maximum visibility with bright, easy-to-find colors like orange or yellow. Most caddies are also offered in Moonshine – a glow-in-the-dark caddy that is perfect for camping, fishing, or lights-out emergencies. The Storacell unit allows batteries to be dispensed using just one hand, while each storage cell provides terminal protections at both ends to keep the stored batteries safe and in working order. There are multiple Storacell caddies for every popular battery category, including:

  • AA Batteries: Individual caddy units that hold 4/8/12/24 batteries.
  • AAA Batteries: Individual caddy units that hold 4/6/8/12/24 batteries.
  • C and D-cell Caddies: 4-battery units.
  • CR123: 4/8-battery units.  
  • 9V: 4/8/16-battery units. 
  • 18650: 4-battery units.
  • Combo Packs: A Storacell exclusive, these special units hold a variety of batteries all at once, including AAs, AAAs, Cs, and 9V batteries.

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About Tools Aviation, LLC: d.b.a. Storacell

Founded in 2000, Storacell creates unique, one-of-a-kind caddies to securely hold batteries of all types and sizes. Originally designed by pilot and diemaker – Rick "Tools" Foreman – to help easily access batteries during an aviation emergency, Storacell now offers over 22 versions of its caddies for a wide variety of purposes intended for home organization, garages, work, camping, traveling, and anywhere batteries are needed. Storacell is the smart way to store all of your batteries in one place. Learn more at:

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