Sandwalk BioVentures and CosmosID Launch Joint GRAS Genomic Reporting Service

MADRID, Spain and ROCKVILLE, Md., June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sandwalk BioVentures and CosmosID today announced the launch of a new joint service offering for Generally-Recognized As Safe (GRAS) regulatory genomic reporting for the Probiotics market in the USA. By combining CosmosID’s end-to-end microbial genomics infrastructure with Sandwalk’s regulatory experience and expertise, developers of the next generation of probiotics will now have access to an optimized service offering. Through compliant sequencing, analysis and reporting, the two companies aim to support the probiotics market in fostering the next generation of functional bacterial strains.

"It is a pleasure to partner up with CosmosID in this initiative. We have worked with CosmosID in several GRAS dossiers in the past and both companies had the feeling that probiotics developers would enormously benefit from this turnkey solution. We believe it is a great way to make genomic sequencing have an impact across the board for probiotics companies – not only for their R&D Departments but also for their Commercial and Regulatory ones. Having a GRAS dossier is a legal requirement for all newcomer probiotics in the US, so having the Genomic Reporting section of the dossier as soon as possible and following FDA and industry standards will certainly accelerate their time to market," said Dr. Luis Gosalbez, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Sandwalk BioVentures.

Manoj Dadlani, CEO of CosmosID, commented: "CosmosID has been supporting probiotic and live biotherapeutic companies with bacterial isolate sequencing and analysis for a number of years. Now, through our partnership with Sandwalk, we have the ability to now offer regulatory reporting to our customers as well. Through this complete solution, we have all of the necessary lab, bioinformatic and consulting expertise to help bring novel microbial products to the market."

"The strategic partnership between CosmosID and Sandwalk BioVentures will provide ease, convenience and value to customers looking to unlock and commercialise microbiome-based products’ said Dr. Christian Roghi, Director of Strategic Alliances at CosmosID.

The Genomic Sequencing and Reporting Bundle will consist of a turnkey solution for probiotics developers by which they will obtain not only the genomic sequence and analysis, but also a complete, regulatory compliant report on the safety of their strains for their GRAS dossiers, which are a legal requirement for all new probiotics entering the US market.

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Sandwalk BioVentures is a specialty strategy, innovation, regulatory and management consulting firm focused on microbiome technologies. It supports companies in the food and pharma sectors, as well as financial and strategic investors exploring to enter this field. Sandwalk has extensive experience in helping start-ups take their innovative microbiome technologies to market by navigating the regulatory requirements in Europe and in the United States.

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