RSMC and Coastal Fertility Announce New Affordable IVF and Egg Freezing Pricing for Self-Paying Patients

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In its relentless efforts to make fertility care affordable for all, Coastal Fertility has joined forces with RSMC to introduce new IVF and Egg Freezing pricing. This new pricing will be beneficial for patients without insurance coverage for fertility services.

Coastal Fertility Medical Center is pleased to announce the official launch of its new and affordable pricing for IVF and egg freezing. A part of the RSMC network, Coastal Fertility has been a leading provider of reproductive care in Orange County since 1982. Their new pricing has been introduced in collaboration with RSMC, a renowned infertility solutions provider dedicated to increasing IVF success rates while reducing cost and time.  

Many families across the United States require quality fertility care, but only a few can afford this treatment because of its exorbitant cost. Making things worse, fertility treatment services are not covered by most public or private insurers. It has been observed that 95% of patients only have coverage for infertility diagnosis but not for treatment.  Based on services received, self-paying patients usually end up spending well in excess of $20,000. Naturally, this is not a viable option for most people in need of fertility care. This gap is where the new pricing from Coastal Fertility can make a difference.

With the introduction of its new pricing, Coastal Fertility’s IVF+FET program and Egg Freezing are now available for $8,000 and $5,988, respectively. By spending these amounts, one can complete one full IVF cycle, including the frozen embryo transfer or a complete egg freezing cycle. Services included in both the programs cover coordination fees, egg retrieval, ultrasound monitoring, frozen embryo transfer, endocrine lab work, and more.

"Having the ability to freeze your eggs at a young age is dramatically beneficial because, ultimately, it’s the age of the egg that is by far the most critical factor in the likelihood for success. By making fertility preservation affordable, it becomes more accessible to those without benefits and empowers women who are not ready to start their families yet to focus on their careers and their priorities today," explains Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin, Medical Director, Coastal Fertility Medical Center

The low-cost IVF treatment protocols created by Coastal Fertility and RSMC result from highly optimized processes emerging from decades of research and practice in reproductive medicine. To ensure efficiency and lower costs for patients, the clinical procedures are optimized.

The new pricing introduced by Coastal Fertility also looks to address the reproductive inequity problem that currently exists because of the lack of coverage and high cost of treatments. Even if fertility treatment coverage is available, the qualifying requirements often do not apply to LGBTQ and single people. Compared to White women, fewer Hispanic and Black women in America have used medical services to conceive. Similarly, accessing reproductive care can be highly challenging for LGBTQ people because the clinical definition of infertility doesn’t apply to them. The new affordable IVF model from Coastal Fertility and RSMC look to establish reproductive justice by leveling the playing field for families of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, marital status, and orientation.

"Ultimately, I would like to see reproductive health be considered a covered benefit, including fertility preservation like egg freezing for women who chose to delay their family creation timelines! This change potentially can improve outcomes and success rates. Until then, making the treatments available more affordable will improve all patients’ access to these services.  This will mobilize greater segments of our population to create families such as single people without partners or same-sex couples," said Dr Minh Ho, MD, Medical Director of Reproductive Sciences Medical Center (RSMC). 

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About Coastal Fertility Medical Center: Part of the RSMC network, Coastal Fertility Medical Center has been one of Orange County’s leading reproductive care providers to infertility patients in Orange County since 1982. Coastal Fertility and its dedicated staff are widely recognized for their compassion and special attention to the individual needs of their patients.

About Reproductive Sciences Medical Center (RSMC): RSMC is a leader in fertility options with the world’s only One-Stop Service Model, providing the most comprehensive solutions to infertility and its obstacles. To save time for patients, they integrate all treatment and services into one location. With its in-house model and on-site laboratory, RSMC increases IVF success rate and reduces cost and time, making it easier for patients to achieve their dreams of parenthood.

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