Roses Natural Offers a Safe Solution for Irritated Skin

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Roses Natural is a rapidly growing health and wellness brand. The Texas-based operation is helmed by Roseline Okoro. Born in Nigeria, Roseline’s journey from humble student to the proud owner of a minority- and woman-owned company is an inspiring tale of Nigerian work ethic and American opportunity.

Roseline went to Ohio State University where she got a B.SC in Pharmaceutical Science. While her new life in the States was going well, though, there was one factor that continued to plague her in her new home: her eczema.

As a child back in Nigeria, Roseline remembered her dad making soaps from scratch. He would use natural, simple, and effective ingredients that were safe for everyone to use.

Roseline found that the same wasn’t true in America. Cleansers — both for personal hygiene and home cleaning — tended to be filled with harsh chemicals, synthetics, surfactants, and artificial fragrances.

Over time, the issue became bad enough that the entrepreneurially-minded Roseline decided to solve it herself. She summarizes the genesis of her company by saying that, "Roses Natural was created based on my skin condition," adding that, "The idea was to create plant-based products that will not irritate my skin but also be safe for the environment."

In 2018, Roseline’s new company was officially launched with a single product, her dish soap. The whole idea was an experiment, but it quickly became apparent that she couldn’t stop there. As friends and family tried the cleaner, they kept coming back for more. They also spread the word.

Soon requests were coming in for liquid hand soap. Then foaming hand soap. Then other hygiene and house cleaning items. Roseline was happy to accommodate these requests, and soon, she had a catalog of effective, popular health and wellness products — and a rapidly growing brand, to boot.

She had already moved out of her kitchen and into the garage to have more space. Now she made the leap into an official business space that she rented in nearby Katy, Texas. In early 2021, the Roses Natural family officially started to grow when Kola Akinmuyiwa joined the company as a managing partner. Akinmuyiwa brought a wealth of business experience to the growing brand and continues to serve as the company’s Business Development Manager.

Roses Natural has continued to see explosive growth since its humble beginnings. It also continues to stand by its ethics, offering products that are "good for the earth and good for you." These are plant-based, all-natural, vegan, kid-safe, hypoallergenic, and cruelty- and sulfate-free.

Best of all, Roses Natural continues to be a proudly woman- and minority-owned-and-operated company. And this isn’t just on paper, either. Roseline states that each and every product that her brand sells is still handmade — by herself.

About Roses Natural: Roses Natural was created by Roseline Okoro and launched in 2018. The company operates out of Katy, Texas. The brand combines Roseline’s passion for natural ingredients, developed during her childhood in Nigeria, and her scientific knowledge and training. Learn more about Roses Natural at

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