Remedy+ Does More Than Merely Take the Edge Off

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áRemedy+ is striving to revolutionize the concept of CBD products. Rather than relegating CBD to the role of little more than a pain management option, the brand has created a tool kit of CBD products that aim to empower, improve, and support successful individuals throughout every aspect of their busy lives.

Most CBD options tend to tack toward rest and relief. They are marketed to audiences that are managing chronic pain, coping with stress, and otherwise looking for a way to take the edge off of life’s challenges. And while that may be one use for cannabidiol products, the folks at Remedy+ pose the question “why stop there?”

The groundbreaking company has made it its mission to create CBD-infused products of all kinds to enhance performance and smooth recovery times (all in a THC-free manner, of course.) Each of the brand’s cutting-edge arsenal of products is task-specific and designed to help busy professionals and other active individuals who spend their time endlessly grappling with everything that life throws their way.

From long days at the office to picking up slack at home to smoothing out that swing on the golf course, Remedy+ products strive to apply the CBD concept to all-new areas of life. Among its smorgasbord of product offerings, the brand has:

  • The SHOT: A 2oz quick-shot dose of energizing goodness that can help you get into the zone in a hot second.
  • The RUB: A natural, skin-healthy salve designed to speed recovery time after a round of golf or a trip to the tennis court.
  • The BAR: A perfect combination of energy and taste, this premium hemp protein bar delivers the goods when hunger calls

The point is, each of Remedy+’s products suits a specific need, particularly for those who live active, high-performance lifestyles. In the words of the brand, its premium CBD products are “designed to help you perform better at work or play.” It’s an ambitious goal that the burgeoning Remedy+ brand has already achieved in spades as its products have begun to sweep through country clubs, offices, and homes across the nation.

About Remedy+: Remedy+ is a Fort Collins, CO producer/marketer of premium hemp supplements, topicals and protein snacks geared towards active adults who seek an edge in performance and recovery. The company launched in 2019 with one simple goal in mind; to help people, who remain active in their athletic pursuits, perform at a higher level and also recover faster through the power of hemp and their specially formulated CBD blends.

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