QuickFreeze® Patents Issued and New Patents Pending for Vacant Positions, Height Compensation, Side Seals, Spacers

FORT WAYNE, Ind., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — QuickFreeze® is designed to blast freeze palletized products. The latest innovations are new accessories for the QF+ System. Patent # 10,807,764 issued in October  and #10,863,759 issued in December 2020. There are also multiple applications pending.

Vacant Positions – Until now, full occupancy for In-Rack freezing systems has been critical to proper performance.  This patent and other patents-pending provides operators with an excellent remedy to the Vacant Position problem.  The vacant positions are automatically sealed off and the system continues to operate at peak performance.  No more compromised performance.

Height Compensation – Management of partial/short pallets has also been a challenge with all palletized-product freezing systems.  Our patented and patent-pending solutions provide for precise and automatic control of each opening height, maximizing performance for every pallet.

Side Seals – We’ve all seen that fresh-to-freeze pallets are rarely stacked perfectly!  The integration of cold-friendly side seals accurately and effectively provides the needed sealing for these stack irregularities.  The brush-type seal is deflected as the pallet is loaded and can provide as much as 4″ of case stack compensation.

“We appreciate the support of the industry over the last 13 years in making QuickFreeze® a success, and will continue to develop technology to lead the field with the fastest and most efficient equipment.” Dan Tippmann, Chairman, Tippmann Engineering

For the latest information on QuickFreeze® related IP, see: https://quickfreeze.com/patents/

About QuickFreeze: QuickFreeze® (by Tippmann Engineering) is an industrial equipment manufacturer that develops equipment for the cold chain.  QuickFreeze® utilizes time-honed expertise and advanced technology solutions to create products that scale with a business and are designed to improve ROI.  QuickFreeze® provides a full suite of cold storage engineering services and operations guidance.  QuickFreeze® innovations include the patented QF+® In-Rack Freezing System, the T2 Spacer™, and recently QFM, “The fastest way to freeze a pallet.”  https://quickfreeze.com/quickfreeze-patents-issued-and-new-patents-pending-for-vacant-positions-height-compensation-side-seals-spacers/

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