Quantum5 Welcomes Terry Staggs as Vice President of Content Strategy

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Quantum5, the first platform to transform dealership training and bridge the gap between the traditional and digital customer, announced today the hiring of Terry Staggs as the training company’s Vice President of Content Strategy.

In this role, Staggs will build out Quantum5‘s content library and work with industry veterans Dave Foy, Sarah Vantine, and Jason Frank to harness their knowledge and turn it into engaging training modules for both in-person and virtual training classes. Staggs brings decades of experience to his new role at Quantum5, previously serving as the Programs Operations Manager at Precision Dynamics International (PDI). While with PDI Staggs successfully planned, developed, implemented, and carried out field training initiatives to manufacturers the likes of Nissan USA, Infiniti USA, and Nissan Canada. Staggs played an intricate part in the development and delivery of nearly 40 unique, OEM-specific courses designed to increase the business acumen of OEM field representatives.

"Terry’s stellar reputation, deep automotive training expertise, and success in building out the field program while at PDI, is well known and greatly admired within our industry. He will be instrumental as we build out our training content and bring it to dealers across the nation," said David O’Brien, CEO and co-founder of Quantum5. "We have the greatest minds in Fixed Ops on our team and Staggs will bring his considerable skills to help harness their combined knowledge to increase customer relations, profits and lifetime value for our clients."

Unlike other training programs, Quantum5 joins the power of in-person skills training with backend technology that includes AI learning, gamification, and community building to create ongoing proficiency in learners. As sales and service teams work their way through the different levels of the app, they become better at determining needs and motivations of buyers, delivering value and handling objections. These skills work together to increase both sales and upsell service opportunities, bridging the gap between traditional and digital retail customers.

"The mission of Quantum5, to leave the automotive industry better than they found it and give teams the skills to engage and relate to each individual buyer, aligns with my personal goals for the industry," said Staggs. "I am thrilled to be on the team and ready to roll out the impressive industry knowledge of Quantum5‘s leaders to the next generation of automotive retail teams."

For more information on Quantum5 and how it can help digitally transform your sales and service teams through best-in-class training, visit www.quantum5.ai.

About Quantum5
Quantum5 wants to digitally transform the automotive buying experience by shifting to a lifetime value model versus the transactional model of the past. Using an advanced learning platform, Quantum5 delivers training on the key people skills and behavioral tactics needed to succeed in today’s increasingly digital world. After the initial training, a Community Manager continues to support the learner through technology-driven analysis that improves results, with the process rounded out by a Community Architect who know automotive and visits dealership managers to customize the support of their team. The result? An advanced training platform that builds lifetime value for customers and enables dealership staff to learn how they live and increase results. You can find out more about Quantum5 at www.quantum5.ai.

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