Pittsburgh, PA Based Businessman Michael Virk Buys the “WINDEES”' Franchise from American Premiere League

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Michael Virk, a well-known Pittsburgh, PA businessman, signed an exclusive contract with APL to purchase the “Windees” franchise which will represent the diverse Caribbean community in the United States.

Mr. Virk is a prominent resident of Pittsburgh, PA and moved to the United States from his native country India in 1996. Mr. Virk’s business empire spans from real estate to retail and the food industry. Mr. Virk is the founder and CEO of a very popular restaurant chain known as “Pizza Palermo,” which has several locations across Pittsburgh. Mr. Virk also owns several T mobile dealerships across Pennsylvania. Mr. Virk is a very well known figure not only in the local cricket community but has also participated in high profile cricket tournaments across United States.

“I have spent all my life buying and selling real estate and different businesses and always look for the next big thing in business, something unique, something different and at the same time something exciting, and that is the exact vision of mine that prompted me to study the American Premiere League business model. I think this idea, if executed the right way, has the potential to make this league into one of the best sports leagues in this country. Growing up, players like Viv Richards, Kalicharan, Michael Holding and Malcom Marshall were my inspiration and that’s what made me buy the Windees franchise, and I feel very proud and excited to be part of this revolutionary cricket league. I think this is the only cricket league in the United States that will attract massive crowds, which is missing big time in leagues happening across the U.S.”

Jay Mir, Founder and CEO of APL added, “The Cricket revolution in the United States is raging on. And I welcome Mr. Virk on board this historic journey with APL. Mr. Virk’s business and cricket experience will add great value to APL. We are now in phase two of our revolution and have started work on forming the teams. We are conducting trials of hundreds of candidates from across the U.S. and Canada this month. APL is going to make new superstars from this tournament. We have also finalized our match schedule and tickets are now live and they can be purchased on our website. Serious negotiations are underway for other team ownerships. I am truly amazed and humbled by the tremendous response we have gotten from cricket loving fans from across North America and wish Mr. Virk the best competing in APL.”

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