Pickleball Central Joins PHIT America to Get More Kids Playing Pickleball

Supporting Sponsor of PHIT America’s Play Pickleball Program

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pickleball Central, America’s leading online source for pickleball equipment and apparel, is stepping up to support national charity, PHIT America, to get more kids playing pickleball.  PHIT America has launched the PLAY PICKLEBALL program, the most complete educational program and equipment kit for elementary school children. Hundreds of PHIT America PLAY PICKLEBALL programs are being sent to schools throughout the country. 

“At Pickleball Central, we believe pickleball improves people’s lives through healthy activity, connection, and competition. So, the opportunity to partner with PHIT America is exciting,” says Michael Brown, CEO. “I’m particularly passionate about providing opportunities for kids to be active, have fun and connect with other kids. This is why we are excited to partner with PHIT America. Their program has everything a school needs, including curriculum and incentives, to introduce kids to a great game that they can have fun playing with their friends and family for the rest of their lives.” 

“PHIT America is looking for the best ways to get kids active and healthy, and playing pickleball is an ideal way,” says Jim Baugh, Founder of PHIT America. “Getting the support of Pickleball Central and USA Pickleball allows us to provide more PLAY PICKLEBALL kits to more schools. This results in more kids developing active and healthy lifestyles. PHIT America is also partnering with USA Pickleball by supplying their curriculum to schools and providing other USA Pickleball benefits.” 

PHIT America is in discussions with many other companies in the pickleball business to join their mission of getting more kids active, healthy and on the pathway to a lifetime sport. “Everyone in pickleball wants to grow participation. They see we have a great formula with kids. Additionally, supporting a national charity while doing this makes sense”, says Baugh. “We even have some pickleball professionals and celebrities that want to help us.” 

Companies, individuals or anyone who wants to join PHIT America to get more kids active and healthy while playing pickleball should contact Jim Baugh at
 Elementary schools may inquire or complete this application form

PHIT America has introduced more than 850,000 kids to physical activity in over 1,500 schools. All data and research sources can be found at IP.PHITAmerica.org. PHIT America is led by Sports Industry Hall of Fame member and former President of Wilson Sporting Goods, Jim Baugh.  Donate and learn more about PHIT America by visiting  PHITAmerica.org. Get involved with the campaign at TheMiracleDrug.org. Find us at Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn 

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Rita Mort, PHIT America