Osia Osia by ZEZE Offers Soothing Luxury and Long-Lasting Hydration

The Wellness Brand’s Handmade Natural Soaps Soothe Stress and Restore the Skin

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The team behind Osia Osia by ZEZE understands that truly de-stressing luxury experiences can be difficult to come by, especially in a world that has spent the last few years dominated by pandemic-induced fears and hand washing — a lot of hand washing. This combination has led to long days spent at home and cracked and bleeding hands, dried out from excessive scrubbing, rinsing, and drying.

ZEZE has created the perfect solution to reintroduce a degree of peace while also addressing ongoing skin-hydration issues: its line of luxury bath soaps. The wellness brand’s bath and body products combine ancient ayurvedic wellness practices with natural beauty remedies. It’s easy to see this appreciation for both the wisdom of the past and the power of mother nature throughout ZEZE’s business methods.

"We make handmade cold pressed soaps and with Ayurvedic methods," explained ZEZE co-founder Saurabh Bhatia, "We combine this reliance on ancient wellness with a variety of natural ingredients that go into our skincare products." Depending on the product in question, these natural ingredients can include a wide variety of reputable natural options, including:

  • Kumkumadi Oil,
  • Saffron
  • Charcoal,
  • Jasmine,
  • Sandalwood,
  • Oud,
  • Musk Oil,
  • Cocoa,
  • Lavender,
  • Aloe Vera,
  • Lemongrass
  • Rose,
  • Honey,
  • Almond Oil,
  • Turmeric,
  • Coconut Oil.

The goal of these natural healers is to imbue each bar with the benefits that come from their antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Bhatia goes on to explain that the production process is equally respectful of the company’s standards. ZEZE products are handmade using cold pressed pure oils, essential oils, floral extracts, and distillations.

"There are many benefits of handmade natural soaps," Bhatia says, "Gentle foaming provides essential hydration and care without over-drying. This makes them essential for your daily bath. Their long-lasting fragrance is also a very popular element — and one that plays a crucial role in helping our customers regain a sense of peace and relaxation."

Bhatia adds that his company has developed a reputation for its impressively long-lasting fragrance. Some have reported that the smell continues to be noticeable right until they go for a bath the next day.

With their natural ingredients, hydrating benefits, handmade production methods, and long-lasting stress-relief fragrances, ZEZE soaps offer a luxurious way for consumers to slow down and unwind — even in the midst of a world dominated by perpetual stress and busyness. 

About Osia Osia by ZEZE: Osia Osia by ZEZE was established to help consumers access affordable, home-based relaxation and stress relief through premium herbal and organic luxury soaps. The brand’s U.S.-based parent company, ZEZE, was founded in December of 2021. It operates in concert with its sister organization, Osia Osia, which has sold similar products in Europe and Asia for the last two decades. Learn more at https://zezenaturals.com/.

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