Orbit Coffee Both Acts Fast and Goes the Distance

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Oxymorons are often confusing and suspicious in nature. However, when a natural contradiction like Orbit Coffee appears, it isn’t too hard to rectify. The American brand Cleverit Corp has fashioned an extremely convenient energy-boosting drink that is scientifically and nutritionally designed to deliver energy upon consumption. A single mouthful of the potently delectable liquid quickly boosts the body’s vitality. It follows this up with an enduring level of drive and pep that can’t be found in other energy-focused formulas.

When the creators of Orbit Coffee set out to develop their product, they did so with the idea that they “wanted to create an energy booster…that offers to the consumers a way to achieve peak performance during high-intensity activities.” This naturally ruled out traditional energy drinks like coffee and Red Bull, as their initial spike in energy is always followed by an unwanted crash.

Instead, the Orbit team fashioned a recipe for success that includes a unique combination of fast and slow carbs. The former consists of fructose and dextrose, which deliver a fast, punchy level of energy. The latter depends on maltodextrin and isomaltulose, both of which allow the body to continue to maintain energy levels and avoid that dreaded crash.

The recipe also includes Maca root. The well-known Peruvian supplement is capable of both boosting energy and enhancing cognitive function — i.e., it naturally helps individuals think clearer and faster.

The combination of fast carbs, slow carbs, and Maca root makes Orbit Coffee an ideal way to not just stay awake. It helps individuals maintain peak performance throughout any form of high-energy activity. This makes it a great tool regardless of whether someone is trying to get through a long workday, struggling through a late-night study session, or trying to keep up with others in their local pick-up soccer league.

The cherry on top? The mocha shot is wrapped up with a hint of delicious Italian chocolate flavor.

Each shot of Orbit Coffee comes in a convenient spill-proof pouch and only consists of 0.8 fluid ounces. This makes it quick to consume at a moment’s notice. In the words of the brand, Orbit Coffee is “fast, easy, delicious.”

About Orbit Coffee: Orbit Coffee is a product of Cleverit Corp, which is controlled by EthicSport. The leading Italian sports nutrition brand has historically utilized “careful research and study of the latest findings in science and nutrition” to come up with products that help to meet the nutritional needs of athletes, professionals, and consumers across the globe.

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