Oliventures, Inc. Celebrates PGA's "National Golf Month" With an Update on GolfThritis and OliPura® Joint for Golfers

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Oliventures, Inc. is proud to join in with the Professional Golf’s Association (PGA) in celebrating "National Golf Month" this August! In honor of this month, Oliventures is launching a blog series on the origins and help available for "GolfThritis" – and information and tips for improving joint stiffness and pain.  "We want to provide all-natural and healthy solutions for golfers who suffer from joint pain, stiffness, swelling and loss of movement – which are often signs of chronic inflammation," says Dave Quigley, President of Oliventures Inc.  "In addition, Oliventures is giving away a free bottle1 of OliPura® Joint this month to any golfer experiencing GolfThritis as long as supplies last.  OliPura® Joint is an excellent way to reduce inflammation conveniently with high quality, all-natural polyphenols found in olives."

"Olipura® Joint completely eliminated the pain from my arthritic left knee. Now I can just focus on my golf game without the constant pain I had in every swing," says Loring Cloud, an avid golfer, director and investor in Oliventures.

Because it has been a challenging year, Oliventures is looking to partner with golfers everywhere in addressing GolfThritis.

Every golfer knows that range of motion is critical to their speed and follow through, and ultimately, this has a direct impact on your golf score.  This week’s blog focuses on stretching and a recent study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science showing that a composite stretching technique improved their "hit ball speed" by an average of 11mph in just 12 weeks!  This could mean an average increase of 20 yards!

Pairing stretching and lowering inflammation can help the body improve its cartilage and bone health while reducing joint pain.  People taking the recommended serving size of TrePhenol®, a proprietary blend of powerful polyphenols including hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, and their derivatives, in OliPura® Joint for a week is equivalent to the amount of hydroxytyrosol found in 2-3 liters of olive oil without the additional calories and unwanted fats.

To shop these products and learn more about the power of olive fruit polyphenols and olive oil, please visit https://www.oliventuresinc.com.  And for that free bottle of OliPura® Joint, email us at 


SOURCE Oliventures, Inc.