Nex Systems Revolutionizes Care of Office Building “Floating Floors” With Low-Moisture Eco-Friendly Solution

STOCKTON, Calif., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Technical compartments for routing the wiring of distribution transmission and automation networks are a necessity in the modern workplace. Floating floors, also called raised floors, provide an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate, to create a hidden channel for the passage of HVAC electrical services and communications cables.

Up until now, properly cleaning or restoring raised or floating office floors has been a facilities manager worst nightmare, typically requiring the tedious removal of every single tile, in order to protect the delicate cabling underneath from water damage caused by standard wet cleaning methods.

Nex Systems, Inc, a California-based cleaning technology has pioneered a practically zero- moisture solution called NEx PAH ©, that takes the worry out of cleaning floating floors. The eco-friendly system removes stubborn, scuff marks and dirt in a whole new way. Safely preserving wiring and making maintenance easier with no unnecessary upheaval. And, totally avoids polluting the HVAC systems with unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals.

At the landmark SalesForce Tower in downtown San Francisco, Nex Systems PAH© was recently used to clean six stories of floating floor. Steve Azevedo, NEx Systems Chief Science Officer described the process, "NEx Systems believes less is more. We created the NEx PAH© raised floor solution, specifically with skyscrapers like this one in mind. It is the only maintenance program that considers the life of the floor and the systems beneath it. And, how to make it economical to keep it looking optimal best."

NEx Systems PAH© cleaning for floating floors is performed by highly skilled technicians trained exclusively for this multi-step systems. Mr. Azevedo continued, "Our team arrived at the Tower and began by applying a non-chemical solvent to remove the waxy finish, dissolve the dirt and dark, embedded marks caused by foot traffic and rolling chair wheels—the kind you can’t imagine ever coming out. The totally green systems used burnishing, natural extraction and a protective low emission coating that restored the terrazzo floor to a glowing better than new condition, with advanced stain resistance and high co-efficient of friction for greatly reduced slip risk."  The proprietary approach achieves a synergy between appearance and functionality, by reducing the amount of time and costs related to the care of a floating floor– over the long run, and enhances the built environment. Especially important, as every workplace looks to maintain a well building, as the state plans its return to normal operations this month.

Nex Systems was founded as a cleaning and building wellness technology company over thirty years ago and services the maintenance, restoration and facilities refresh needs of thousands of companies and facilities throughout California. Nex Systems also provides polished concrete and epoxy flooring and is a signator of The Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons Union Locals #300 and #400 (OPCMIA), part of the AFL-CIO.

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SLUG: Floating Floors find new life with a moisture and worry free-cleaning solutions with Nex Systems PAH©.

Susann Rivera

SOURCE Nex Systems, Inc