New ResinDek® Shelving System Proves to Be a Hit for Archival Storage When Selected for Fire Code and Seismic Compliance

CINCINNATI, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products (Cornerstone) announced its part in a recently finished renovation project in California, with ResinDek Shelving System selected by Hammerhead Material Handling as the shelving of choice for a major client in the financial industry. Requiring extended storage space for paper files, with specific needs for fire and earthquake safety, Hammerhead decided to use ResinDek shelving after a discussion between Hammerhead President Jeff Andrews and Cornerstone founder, Greg Doppler.

"The project required us to design and engineer a solution that would create tens of thousands of linear feet of storage to hold paper files," Andrews explained. "The paper files would not be stored in a box and needed to be easily accessible. However, the geographic location is considered a very high seismic area and paper is flammable, so we needed to find a solution that would also meet fire codes."

Fully customizable, the ResinDek Shelving System is comprised of three components: ResinDek horizontal shelving, ResinDek vertical dividers, and lumber supports that span the distance of the rack beams, including those with stepped construction. Each system can be designed to accommodate shelf heights from 6 to 20 inches, depths from 8 to 60 inches, and vertical divider spaces from 4 to 48 inches on center. Because they are custom machined, the dividers can be snapped into place quickly and securely – no fasteners, screws, or other hardware required.

ResinDek Shelving panels are produced from a proprietary blend of moisture-resistant, medium and high-density fiberboard in thicknesses from 0.25-inch to 0.75-inch. They can be provided unfinished or with Cornerstone’s Gray Diamond Seal® 2 finish. Further, ResinDek Shelving System has been independently evaluated by IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services, an internationally acclaimed body of independent structural engineers. IAPMO found the ResinDek Shelving System is in full compliance with Building Code (IBC) regulations and can be installed in Types I-V Building construction, where it is not a structural part of the building as noted in table 601 of the IBC. (IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services United States ER number 467 and Canada ER number UEL 5027.)

The financial industry client was so pleased with the final result, they recently contracted for a similar design, installing an identical system in another portion of the original facility.

"The entire project came together much faster than we anticipated, thanks to how easy it was to assemble the ResinDek Shelving System," said Andrews. "We had allotted four months for installation, mainly because we expected that it would take our installer’s crew a lot longer to put the shelves together. But instead, it took less than eight weeks. The ResinDek Shelving System is a great product and perfect for what we needed."

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