New Inventory Tool Launch Aids Dealers in Finding Missing Inventory

CHICO, Calif., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Work Truck Solutions, the smart, technology-based platform for the commercial vehicle industry, today announced the launch of VAST or Vehicle Acquisition Search Tool that will help dealers find and acquire the inventory needed to serve their broadest range of customers.

VAST offers access to an inclusive collection of inventory sources specifically for the wholesale acquisition of commercial work trucks, vans and pickups- and very soon will be expanded to include sports utility vehicles- for a one-stop-shop experience. Currently dealers spend significant time chasing inventory, attending online auctions and searching through numerous websites that rarely provide adequate search facets for the dealer to easily hone in on what is needed. This lost time is measurable and irretrievable. Access to the structured data that is Work Truck Solutions’ trademark, will improve search efficiency, locate the right vehicles, and most importantly, increase the time spent serving their customers.

“Access to inventory couldn’t be more critical for dealers, so we have developed the technology and the platform that offers dealers access to the broadest selection of inventory so that they can be highly selective,” said Kathryn Schifferle, founder and CEO of Work Truck Solutions. VAST brings in inventory from many partner sources; rental companies, fleets, fleet management companies, OEMs, auctions, finance companies, and even the dealers themselves, all onto one platform. “We wanted to cut down on the required time investment for search, while increasing the quality of choice. We are the agnostic aggregator – no dog in the fight. All we want is to help the dealer and at the same time bring the highest quality purchase opportunity to our vehicle source partners,” added Schifferle.

Jim Press, Senior Advisor to Work Truck Solutions explained, “Demand is high, and dealers need inventory to sell. We have been developing this solution at Work Truck Solutions since last year when we knew inventory would be a challenge – now with the chip and other supply crisis it is even more timely.”

Dealers interested in learning more about this revolutionary and timely tool, as well as sellers who want to list inventory-especially before vehicles are taken to auction- should contact Work Truck Solutions at

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