New Colors Make It Easy: Cerrowire Saves Time and Money with New Innovation

HARTSELLE, Ala., Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cerrowire, a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway copper building wire manufacturing company, announces a new innovation in wire technology that saves both time and money while also improving end-user safety: color-coded 3 conductor branch circuit wiring.

With its new light blue- and purple-colored insulation, now electrical contracting professionals, apprentices just learning the trade, and even homeowners can easily distinguish 14/3 and 12/3 in a split second via Cerrowire’s new CerroMax offering, which uses light blue for 14/3 and purple for 12/3. The power of color makes wire identification better for inspectors too. 

“We are proud to offer the only brand with new color-coding on 14/3 and 12/3 NM-B,” said Susan Labadie, Cerrowire’s vice president of marketing and strategy. “And our customers tell us how much more error proof and efficient their processes are during construction and inspections.”

Chris Marlow, vice president of national accounts at Cerrowire, added: “Let’s face it: Very few people thought there could possibly be important innovations in the world of wiring, but that is clearly not true. We are able to leverage our manufacturing bandwidth at our four U.S.-based plants to continue to offer cutting-edge new twists on our existing products as well as devise solutions that meet the building industry’s constantly changing construction- and permit-related specifications.”

Cerrowire has already received numerous praises for its SLiPWire technology, which allows users to work smarter, not harder, with an easier pull scenario. Readily available on all gauges of CerroMax NM-B, the slip agent speeds wire pulls and reduces cleanup time. Now the company is also enjoying acclaim for the advent of color in the wire-identification arena.

Depending on the coil and reel lengths, the new color-coded wiring will be available at Home Depot and Menards, as well as through select electrical distributors, starting in early August.

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Headquartered in Hartselle, Alabama, Cerrowire is a copper wire manufacturing company with plants in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana and Utah, supplying building wire and cable in the United States for commercial, industrial and residential use. Its products are available through electrical distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Like its parent company, Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway, Cerrowire follows a time-tested business model dedicated to continually improving both its processes and products in order to create labor savings and solutions that meet customers’ needs for products, packaging, services and tools that anticipate and fill the ever-evolving needs of the competitive construction industry.

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