NeuX Technologies Announces Dr. Tim Brown as Chief Innovation Officer

TAMPA, Fla., June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NeuX Technologies, a leading provider of advanced medical technology for the health, wellness, fitness and human performance markets, is excited to announce Dr. Tim Brown has joined NeuX as Chief Innovation Officer.

Dr. Tim Brown is a foremost expert and ground-breaking leader in innovative performance and therapeutic technology. He has more than 35 years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognizable and elite athletes. Dr. Brown holds multiple patents in the world of pioneering design and sports medicine.

His education combined with his experience as a college quarterback, Pro-Beach volleyball player, skilled surfer/snowboarder and abundant first-hand knowledge of living through the frustration of injury, contributes to his expertise in a diverse realm of athletic performance, physical rehabilitation and cutting-edge technology.

As the founding Medical Director for the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) in the early 1980s, Tim revolutionized the world of sports medicine with his state-of-the-art approach to functional taping and soft tissue treatment with his Specific Proprioceptive Response Technique to manual therapy, while trailblazing the functional and kinesiology taping space. Dr. Brown later became the Medical Director for the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour (ASP), now the World Surf League (WSL), where his soft tissue treatment and taping systems continued to gain recognition with athletes and those who treat and train them.

After decades of working with elite and professional athletes, Tim created the latest evolution in functional performance apparel: IntelliSkin. Initially designed as a posture correction shirt to wear during workouts, or throughout the day, IntelliSkin is now central to performance optimization, pain relief, and rehabilitation protocols for athletes and patients around the world.

"NeuX’s Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) is a unique combination of current and stimulus that decreases pain and improves function with a science-based approach to improving human physiology in real time. INS stimulates and reconnects vital communication between brain, nerve and muscle and significantly extends the effects of my soft tissue and movement based treatments. I’m excited to work with the team to create best ways to enhance comfort and delivery of INS while innovating the future of improved recovery, performance and ultimately quality of life", said Dr. Brown.

"Tim’s breadth of knowledge and innovative vision is remarkable and inspiring. NeuX will dominate in the markets we enter, and Tim greatly enhances our ability to achieve this. It’s a testament to Tim and the rest of our team on how seamlessly he has engaged with everyone and their ability to be laser focused on solutions to improve the human condition", said Scott Minniear, NeuX’s CEO.

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