NeuX Technologies Announces Dr. John Pecora as Vice President of Business Development

TAMPA, Fla., April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NeuX Technologies, a leading provider of advanced medical technology for the health, wellness, fitness and human performance markets, is excited to announce Dr. John Pecora has joined NeuX as Vice President of Business Development.

Dr. John Pecora, a Sports Medicine Specialist, joins NeuX with more than twenty years of clinical experience in the health and fitness industry working with professional and elite athletes. His broad spectrum of experience also brings marketing, creative, content creation, research, strategic and business development experience to the company.

In 2005, Dr. Pecora founded his own sports medicine practice, after interning for years under Dr. Tim Brown (the original Sports Medicine Director for the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour and current Co-Medical Director of the WSL Pro Surf Tour). Five years later, Dr. Pecora joined IntelliSkin as the first employee and Director of Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Research. During his tenure at IntelliSkin, Dr. Pecora helped grow the business until he left to work with the national health and fitness distributor WBC Group (now Boxout: parent of MeyerDC, MeyerPT, Elivate Fitness, MeyerSpa, Milliken Medical) where he served as Vice President of Education until starting his own consulting business, The Pecora Group.

“Dr. Pecora’s clinical, health, fitness and human performance industry experience brings a unique balance of in-depth skills and insight to NeuX and further strengthens our team,” said Scott Minniear, CEO at NeuX. “I look forward to leveraging my experience from the many markets I have worked to help NeuX take advantage of all the opportunities currently available to the company and to bring our life changing technology to the masses,” said Dr. John Pecora.

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Tampa, Florida – headquartered NeuX Technologies is a health, wellness, fitness and human performance company developing proprietary products and solutions for chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries, neuromuscular conditions/diseases, fitness and human performance, based on the company’s Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation platform. NeuX’s patent-pending technology is a disruptive force in marketplaces and the company vision is to have their lifechanging technology be ubiquitous and available to everyone.

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