Navigating Post-Hurricane Beryl: PermitUsNow Offers Expert Permitting Guidance for Texas Gulf Coast Property Owners

HOUSTON, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PermitUsNow, an acclaimed leader in nationwide building permitting services, stands ready to aid both commercial and residential property owners across the Texas Gulf Coast in navigating the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl. The recent onslaught of high winds and thunderstorms brought substantial damage to the Katy, Fort Bend, Houston and other areas along the Texas Gulf Coast, leaving many in urgent need of assistance with building permits for repairs.

The team at PermitUsNow understands the challenges faced by property owners in the wake of natural disasters such as Hurricane Beryl and the recent Houston tornado in May 2024. “We recognize the urgency that property owners feel to begin repairs quickly, often overlooking the critical step of obtaining necessary permits,” said Helen Callier, President of PermitUsNow. “Failure to secure permits can not only delay the rebuilding process but also pose safety risks.”

PermitUsNow has activated its toll-free hotline, 1.844.PERMIT.4, to provide expert guidance and support to architects, contractors, and property owners seeking clarity on permitting requirements. Recognizing the complexity of the process, the firm offers the following tips for obtaining building permits in Houston and surrounding areas:

Helpful Tips for Permitting Homes and Commercial Properties:
Tip 1: Harris County and the City of Houston are key jurisdictions for obtaining building permits in the Houston area. Property owners should note that City of Houston Plan Reviewers may be operating remotely this week.

Tip 2: For properties in Texas City, Missouri City, Katy, or Fort Bend County, respective local authorities handle permitting. Property owners unsure of the jurisdiction can contact PermitUsNow for assistance.

Tip 3: Basic interior renovations like carpet replacement, sheetrock removal, and wall painting typically do not require a permit. 

Tip 4: Rebuilding efforts can be overwhelming; therefore, property owners are advised to consult their local jurisdiction’s permitting website for comprehensive guidance.

“We aim to alleviate the burden on property owners during the rebuilding process by offering valuable insights into the permitting procedures,” commented Moruf Jimoh, Permitting Manager at PermitUsNow. “Our goal is to ensure that every step, from initial consultation to permit acquisition, is as seamless as possible.”

PermitUsNow has a long-standing commitment to assisting homeowners and commercial property owners across Houston and the Gulf Coast in securing permits post-disaster. Property owners in need of permitting assistance can reach PermitUsNow at 1.844.PERMIT or visit for more information.

About PermitUsNow 
PermitUsNow is a dynamic firm that is transforming the state of building permitting nationwide.  PermitUsNow helps architects, contractors, and project owners to do what they love to do best and that is helping them to fulfill their customers’ goals.  PermitUsNow staff are permitting process and code experts who have worked with more than 700 jurisdictions in Texas and in other cities in North America. PermitUsNow staff write and contribute articles for industry publications and have published a Building Permitting Daily Tracking Log Book to assist Contractors in managing their permits.

Companies such BRIZO, H-E-B, United Airlines, CVS, ATKINS, and Burns and McDonnell have saved time and money during the pre-construction phase of their projects with support from PermitUsNow. Because of these operational efficiencies, these PermitUsNow clients were able to open new locations, connect with more customers, and achieve profitability sooner. 

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