NanaWall’s Generation 4 Folding Glass Wall Product Line to be Featured at AIA 2023 in San Francisco

NanaWall’s Generation 4 provides architects with a platform consisting of eight different folding systems that meet performance requirements for a wide array of both interior and exterior commercial and residential applications – from mid and high-rise buildings to schools and homes

CORTE MADERA, Calif., June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The culmination of almost forty years of innovation and engineering, NanaWall Systems’ Generation 4 Folding Glass Wall product line will be on display at this week’s 2023 American Institute of Architecture (AIA) National Conference in Architecture Expo in San Francisco. NanaWall, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, will be displaying at the AIA Expo in booth #5961 at the Moscone Center on June 8th & 9th.

“Generation 4 Folding Glass Walls continue NanaWall’s decades-long focus on innovation with an expansive family of systems that offer similar aesthetics, features, and performance in three material choices—aluminum, solid wood, or clad,” said Ebrahim Nana, founder and CEO of NanaWall. “Pairing beauty with performance, Generation 4 is the slimmest, most energy efficient bi-fold door with numerous innovative features. We designed each product to meet performance requirements for a wide array of project types for both commercial and residential applications—interior or exterior.”

Generation 4 provides architects with a platform consisting of eight different folding systems, multiple sill and hardware choices and flexibility through customized configurations to make choosing the right system easier. With eight different folding systems that offer similar aesthetics, features and performance, each are uniquely tailored for specific project types:

  • NW Aluminum 640 & 840 – Offering superior thermal performance and taller heights with aluminum profiles;
  • NW Clad 740 – Solid wood profile on the interior and aluminum profile on the outside;
  • NW Wood 540 – The slimmest solid wood framed folding glass walls from sustainably harvested premium wood;
  • NW Acoustical 645 & 545 – Providing superior acoustical buffering with either aluminum or solid wood profiles;
  • NW Reinforced 647 & 847 – Specifically engineered for mid- or high-rise buildings where higher windload requirements and limits to deflection are needed;

Key features of all Generation 4 lines include:

  • Easy Operation: Smoothest and easiest operation of any folding glass wall;
  • Increased Transparency: Clean aesthetics with the slimmest profiles available and minimal exposed hardware;
  • Flexible Wider Openings: Floating panel sets can stack either to the left or right with panels inward or outward opening;
  • Uninterrupted Transitions: Only ADA-compliant sill with a water rating and a high heel resistant feature. Five sill options to meet any project requirement;
  • Acoustical Privacy: Range of unit STC options from STC 32 up to STC 45;
  • Secure & Durable: Air, water, structural, operating and forced entry tested. Swing door tested to 500,000 and bi-fold panels to 20,000 open/close cycles.

In addition to Generation 4, NanaWall will also be featuring their proprietary new 3D Configurator tool, which allows seamless configuration and specification of its opening glass wall systems.  The NanaWall 3D configurator helps substantially reduce costly hours configuring components, researching performance objectives, and generating drawings – helping architects achieve their design objectives while respecting client budgets. With one easy-to-use interface, the tool allows for configuring on the fly as each step is completed and visualizing the results of choices including real-time performance data.

 “We held the design of the 3D Configurator to the same high standards and vigorous testing criteria that we use when we design our opening glass wall systems,” said Nana. “We were able to incorporate design specifications and customizations into one easy interface that can create any design configuration an architect can imagine. The combination of the 3D Configurator and our new Generation 4 line allows architects to explore and view options and create technical drawings, spec sheets, and all the other materials an architect needs to configure and specify a NanaWall system.”

About NanaWall Systems 
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