Med Manager is an Organization Tool That Truly Restores Control to the Patient

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Med Manager is an innovative solution to the problem of unorganized medications. Individuals too often struggle to keep track of long lists of medications over time. The task is frustrating and can lead to a variety of potential dangers when dealing with 5 or more medications. Med Manager solves this problem by offering an all-in-one solution to organizing medication, doctor’s appointments, and medical history.

Having a disorganized medication regimen can be both stressful and dangerous. A lack of proper organization can lead to duplicate or expired medications that could cause adverse reactions leading an emergency visit or worse.

The Med Manager was designed as the ultimate solution to this ongoing problem. Company founder and Med Manager creator Dr. Harry Wingate describes his company’s goal as a simple one, "Many patients struggle to keep up with the many medications they are prescribed and there aren’t many organizational systems out there to provide any relief."

The entrepreneurial physician goes on to explain that, over the course of his 30-year career practicing medicine, he’s seen every DIY solution under the sun. In his words, his patients "would come into the ER with a plastic bag or shoebox full of jumbled medications and have none of their important medical history on hand." Wingate is quick to point out that, even when they work to a degree, these homemade fixes only tackle half of the problem.

The solution was the doctor’s innovative Med Manager. In the words of the creator, the organizer "acts as an all-in-one solution for holding all of your essential medications and medical documents for either home, doctor’s visits or travel." The comprehensive medication organizer holds 10 to 25 different medications at the same time. Its durable elastic straps are designed to hold particularly large bottles, too, allowing nearly any assortment of prescriptions to be snuggly housed in the neat, organized, space.

The product also comes with a detachable five tabbed color file manager to help keep important documentation both in order and close to a patient’s medications with slots for insurance cards, emergency contact info and doctor’s info. Not wanting to miss any details, Wingate’s invention also has a companion product with the company’s patented Daily Health Log — a calendar to help keep track of medication lists, doctor’s appointments, and track important vitals such as blood pressure, weight and glucose. It also comes with a daily pill organizer and a double zipper to accommodate a small luggage lock to keep your medications secure from children. The product comes in a variety of colors, adding a touch of individuality to each one such as red, blue, purple and black.

Medication is an important part of modern health. However, just because it serves a critical function doesn’t mean it’s harmless. On the contrary, mismanaged medications can lead to a myriad of concerns. Med Manager offers a wonderfully simple way to restore organization, from ordered pill bottles to recorded appointments and everything in between.

About Med Manager: Med Manager is a product created by Viva Life, Inc. After 30 years in the medical field, company founder Dr. Harry Wingate saw the critical need for a medicine organization solution. In 2014 he created the first Med Manager prototype, and three years later, with his sons Josh and Hampton joining his team, Wingate launched Viva Life with the goal of transforming the medicinal routines of as many customers as possible.

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