LPS Enterprises Launches Two New Lifestyle Brands as Live Music Tutor Announces Partnership with CICL Global

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LPS Enterprises Inc., parent company of Live Music Tutor, launches Wellness At Home and FoodNthings as it expands its lifestyle markets. LPS Enterprises Inc, is the world’s premier online learning platform that combines an award-winning proprietary technology with platforms and vetted instructors from around the world that delivers in person-like learning experiences. Each platform is designed to deliver individual or group lessons to all ages and all skill levels in fun, convenient and affordable sessions with safety and privacy methods unmatched by Zoom or other conference calling technology.

Wellness at Home Inc is a complete lifestyle solution that was co-founded with Wah! one of the world’s most recognizable names and thought leaders in wellness and healing music. The platform will offer lessons designed to assist almost anyone with feeling better regardless of their current situation. We will offer yoga classes (Vinyasa, hatha, restorative), self-care classes (weight loss, stress, chronic illness, post-surgery/injury) and relaxation classes (physical body, using imagery, crystal bowls, live sound), and tai chi. We are more than just your traditional yoga classes and our focus will be on total wellness for all ages from beginner to advanced levels, for private lessons, small groups, schools, and corporations.

"Wellness At Home is a community of people who care about feeling good. Because body mind and spirit are connected, you can make progress by accessing an approach that’s right for you. Sometimes you need relaxation; you need to be reminded how perfect and self-renewing your body is. Sometimes you need to build energy; you need a breathing or yoga class. And sometimes you need a way to get through tough times and moments of physical restriction; you need tapping, breathing, and clearing in self-care class. Our teachers show you how to make small adjustments to your life and body, to support wellness and self-nurturing," says Wah.

FoodNThings.com is a fun and exciting solution for teaching people of all ages and experiences to cook and bake many of the world’s vast cuisines from international chef’s from across the globe. If you want to learn to cook like grandma or have a special diet or even food restrictions, we will have classes for you. FoodNthings.com will offer home economics like courses for K-12 schools that will be tailored to fit the needs of the administrators without the expense and exceed the expectations of parents tired of fast food and expensive delivery services. For the mature audiences there will be mixology classes that can be fun social events to teach family and friends different drink options that they can make and enjoy together during and post pandemic life.

"Food and drink are woven through all cultures in the love language of hospitality. Learning to cook is a never-ending journey in which progress can be measured daily in both product and satisfaction. Let us help you live your life to the fullest," says Robert Walker world renown chef, restaurant consultant and COO of FoodNthings.

LPS announces a strategic partnership with The Center for Innovation Commercialization LLC (CICL). CICL represents hundreds of innovative companies in helping them increase the sales and distribution of their products, services, and solutions into specifically targeted end-user clients and strategically focused distribution channels in the US and international markets.

‘Live Music Tutor provides the ying and the yang for learning music, cooking, and wellness. It is the perfect solution for self-improvement, socialization, collaboration, in a time of Covid where people are creating a more balanced hybrid lifestyle between attending in person and remote. We have global telecoms and a few other major corporations that are interested in launching LPS to enhance learning and other services which enhance quality of life for their subscribers," says Charlie Ganz CEO of CICL.

"With thought leaders Wah! and Robert Walker joining our team, dominating these markets will give us the much-needed credibility and expertise needed for our continued success. Our vision as a company is to provide the opportunity for people anywhere in the world to learn from instructors anywhere in the world and for instructors across the globe to make money with their passion of connecting the world through LPS," says Ted Gee CEO of LPS Enterprises. Corey Stanford our CTO and our development team has developed our awesome platforms including our proprietary technology.

For more information about the LPS Enterprises brands visit www.livemusictutor.com, www.wellnessathome.today and www.foodNthings.com. To invest in Live Music Tutor visit www.startengine.com/live-music-tutor.

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