Legends Boxing Recently Announced a Change in Leadership – And the New C-Suite Executives Are Stepping Up to Crush Two (Very) Outdated Stereotypes in Their Industry

LEHI, Utah, Aug. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rob Scott, president and founder of Legends Boxing announced in June his new C-Suite executive leadership team: Mary Bevins as CEO, Annie Davis as CMO, and Teri Harman as COO. On a company level, this trio of women on the executive leadership team are living and breathing proof that Legends Boxing truly stands behind their mission of providing a sense of belonging for everyone. On an even bigger level, having three women in the C-Suite team is inspiring progress toward closing the gender gap at the executive level across the United States as a whole.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company titled "Women in the Workplace 2020", only 21% of C-Suite positions are held by women. This demonstrates a shocking underrepresentation when compared to the fact that over 46% of the currently employed workforce is female.

Legends CEO Mary Bevins came into the company in 2017 as the marketing manager. It was a small team at the time, and she was the only female in leadership. There was a lot of opportunity at the time, and she worked her way up through the company, working closely with Scott to develop and grow as a leader before stepping into her new role as CEO.

Scott had sold the company in July 2019, but made the move to purchase it back in December of 2020. Bevins says, "I knew when it came time to begin re-building the leadership team, I wanted more people who were like me who loved Legends and believed in the vision of everything we stand for. Gender aside, it just happened to be females who fit the roles that I was looking to fill. However, being surrounded by women in the C-Suite team is very empowering and I am very privileged to be working for a company that values results and provides opportunity for everyone regardless of age, gender or anything else."

Legends Boxing is a fitness franchise brand that provides a full body workout made accessible to everyone. Ever since the birth of the company, Legends has always focused on three core values: providing a sense of belonging, teaching real USA boxing technique, and helping every member to see results from their efforts. The boxing franchise currently has 13 gyms in operation across the United States with 3 more set to open this year.

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