LearningRx Explains the Benefits of 1-on-1 Brain Training for Children on the Autism Spectrum

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — April is Autism Acceptance Month (previously referred to as “Autism Awareness Month”), and LearningRx (www.LearningRx.com), the world’s largest 1-on-1 brain training company, is explaining the potential benefits of its programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

“When we think of children on the autism spectrum, we usually imagine their struggles with communication and social skills, making eye contact, and adapting to change,” explains Dr. Amy Moore, a cognitive psychologist with LearningRx and VP of Research at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research. “It’s largely the behavioral manifestations of ASD that drive parents to search for an intervention. But behaviors are influenced by the brain’s executive function skills, skills like memory, planning, attention, and reasoning. These cognitive skills are frequently deficient in children on the autism spectrum, so it’s critical that interventions target not just the behavioral outcomes of those deficits but the cognitive deficits themselves.”

On the initial visit to LearningRx, clients with an autism diagnosis undergoes a Brain Skills Assessment to identify which brain skills are weak. Once those skills are identified, they can be targeted with intensive personal brain training. Unlike digital brain games, one-on-one brain training uses customized exercises and incorporates immediate feedback, intensity, and loading, among other features, to work on cognitive skills.

“We examined the cognitive profiles of 935 children on the autism spectrum and found the greatest deficits in long-term memory, working memory, sustained attention, and processing speed,” says Moore. “When we tested the same children after 90 hours of intense, human-delivered brain training, we found statistically significant changes in every cognitive skill measured. They averaged a 3.2-year gain and an 11-point increase in overall IQ score. That’s an exciting outcome for a condition that can seem so resistant to improvement. There’s no cure for ASD—and we don’t make any promises about any intervention’s success—but we have seen the positive impact of brain training for kids on the autism spectrum and we’re so excited about the future of brain training research for these children.”

If your child has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, contact your local LearningRx Brain Training Center (www.learningrx.com) to schedule a Cognitive Skills Assessment today. The results of the initial assessment can provide valuable insight into which brain skills are weak and how best to target and train those skills.

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