Introducing Traver Connect Sales BDC

RICHARDSON, Texas, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Traver Connect is excited to announce the expansion of its business with the launch of Traver Connect Sales BDC. This innovation brings a complete suite of solutions for automobile dealerships to convert customer-initiated calls and online inquiries into showroom sales. 

“The first dealership to talk to a customer is 200% more likely to receive that customer’s business,” says founder and CEO John Traver. “That’s why we offer a number of ways to help dealerships connect with a customer as soon as they reach out, whether that’s by phone or through a web site. The result is that dealerships can connect with twice as many customers.”

Traver Connect Sales BDC offers a variety of services for dealerships, including coverage after hours, virtual training courses, qualitative sales analysis, customized consulting, and outbound marketing campaigns.

The new company was created after years of success with its Traver Connect Service BDC, which helps dealerships maximize their service business. Traver Connect Sales BDC builds on that expertise to assist dealerships increase sales.

“We are excited to enable dealers to maximize both their service lane business and their automobile sales business by turning leads into purchases. Our professionally trained teams, industry-leading software, and best practices are all focused on helping dealerships grow in a meaningful way,” says Traver.

Visit or call 855-891-0010 to learn more and receive a complimentary assessment of your sales business.

Traver Connect offers a complete suite of solutions for automobile dealerships to maximize Sales BDC and Service BDC. Dealerships can utilize Traver Connect’s proprietary software, its call center, or both to increase revenue. The entire suite of Traver Connect’s solutions are designed to convert customer leads into actual sales and service-lane profits. Its staff of experienced experts is also able to provide professional training, both online and on-site, observing social distancing and safety measures. Traver Connect is ready to guide dealerships with well-executed best practices designed to grow customers consistently and profitably. In short, Traver Connect can enhance an entire dealership’s bottom line. 

Nicole Boyd

SOURCE Traver Connect

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