ICOM AI (Formerly Konect.ai) and Experian Team Up to Help Automotive Dealers More Effectively Reach Consumers with Open Recalls

HOUSTON, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ICOM AI (Formerly Konect.ai), a pioneering SaaS company specializing in AI-powered communication for the automotive retail industry, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Experian, the leading global information services company. This joint effort aims to transform how automotive dealerships communicate with their customers about vehicle recalls.

By integrating Experian’s open recall data into the platform, ICOM AI can help dealers identify vehicles with open recalls and offer an industry-leading communication path to notify the dealer’s customers. In addition, the ICOM AI platform automates the scheduling of appointments for the necessary repairs. This groundbreaking collaboration significantly streamlines the recall process, bringing unparalleled value and efficiency to the automotive retail sector, while elevating customer satisfaction and safety.

“As a leader in AI-powered conversational technology for automotive retail, we’ve been dedicated to bringing the most advanced products and support to our clients,” says Cole Kutschinski, CEO and President of ICOM AI. “We’ve already delivered amazing results for clients, exemplified by our case study with Paragon Honda. In just one month, we helped them close 586 recalls and generate $370,000 in gross profit. Teaming with Experian enables us to take these results to the next level, combining Experian’s data strength with our innovative technology.”

With the automotive industry constantly evolving, the need for effective and reliable customer communication has never been greater. Recalls are a crucial part of this communication channel, and a strong strategy is essential for maintaining customer trust and brand loyalty.

This effort will further ICOM AI’s mission to revolutionize the automotive retail industry with features like outbound SMS campaigns and after-hours support. With the support of Experian’s unmatched data capabilities, dealerships can now expect a more efficient, safe, and profitable recall management process.

“Our focus has always been on creating a ‘predictable revenue model’ for our clients,” adds Kutschinski. “The integration of Experian data services into our platform represents a significant milestone in our journey to fulfill that vision.”

For more information about this and other ICOM AI partnerships and success stories visit www.icom.ai.

About ICOM AI:

ICOM AI is a cutting-edge SaaS company focused on bringing the most advanced conversational AI products and support to automotive retail. Based in Houston, the company specializes in AI-powered texting platforms designed for efficient and effective communication with automotive leads and customers. With features like acquisition lead management, outbound SMS campaigns, and after-hours support, ICOM AI is committed to enhancing the customer experience for both auto dealerships and software companies.

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