Hyperbite Is the Original Workout Mint

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Iron Warriors have high energy demands. It is a natural demand that comes along with the ambitious lifestyle. Every time a serious gym junkie heads to the gym, they need every ounce of energy that they can muster. Typically, this has left them with no option but to crack open a tacky energy drink, gulp down an acidic cup of coffee, or mix up a clumpy workout powder. This takes time, can make a mess, and can lead to far too much fluid consumption before an intense workout.

Hyperbite is offering another way for gym rats and weekend warriors alike to tap into that extra energy quickly and easily. The innovative company has taken all of the power of an energy supplement and funneled it into a simple chewable tablet. Hyperbite’s Pre-Workout chewable tablets are delicious, easy on the stomach, and best of all, each mint delivers serious energy fast.

This is possible thanks to the company’s groundbreaking Fast-Absorption Matrix. Rather than having to wait for the product to reach the stomach and be absorbed by the digestive system, Hyperbite’s Pre-Workout chewables utilize a dextrose-based absorption method that takes effect as soon as the product is in the mouth. This delivers energy in a matter of minutes

In addition, the mint format requires a sip of water as a chaser at best. This lack of prep time makes Hyperbite’s Pre-Workout an ideal product to keep in a gym bag or glove compartment, ready to ingest right before a workout.

Along with the product’s efficacy and convenience, Hyperbite’s Pre-Workout also comes at an ideal price point. Most energy options involve anywhere from a 2 oz. shot to a full 16 oz. can. Along with all of the excess fluid, these often cost several dollars apiece. Hyperbite’s product comes in at less than half of that price point.

Each serving of Hyperbite’s Pre-Workout delivers a punchy 250mg of caffeine. This is backed up by S7, L-Tyrosine, and Vitamin C. This unique combination, along with the Fast-Absorption Matrix, delivers a well-rounded boost that is the perfect supplement for each and every workout. In the words of the brand, it delivers "Functional Energy, Fast!"

About Hyperbite: Hyperbite was founded by Dan King and Sam Khan in April of 2020. The brand operates as a DBA for its parent company Hybrid Athletic Sciences. Each Hyperbite product is the result of intensive research, hundreds of real-world trials, and countless performance tests. Hyperbite proudly stands by the fact that the brand’s products do not contain any substances banned by the N.C.A.A. or the I.O.C./World Anti-Doping Agency. You can learn more about Hyperbite at the company’s website, gethyperbite.com.

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