Hotsy of Las Vegas Brings Water-Saving Innovation to Pressure Washers

Water Reclamation System Reduces Water Usage By Up To 80%

LAS VEGAS, June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As Nevada residents and businesses face worsening drought conditions and water restrictions, Hotsy of Las Vegas brings to market a timely innovation that reduces the amount of water used during pressure washing by up to 80%. The average amount of water used by a pressure washer is 8 gallons per minute, which translates to 480 gallons of water wasted if the pressure washer is used for 60 minutes. By implementing the latest water reclamation technology offered by Hotsy of Las Vegas, up to 80% of the water during pressure washing is recycled and reused, making the operation better for the planet and better for our community.

“Water conservation is a team sport,” stated Aaron Muller, President of Hotsy of Las Vegas. “When homeowners and businesses hire someone to pressure wash their property, they should be asking if the pressure washing operator is recycling and reusing the wastewater. The more consumers care about water conservation, the more pressure washing companies will upgrade their equipment to conserve water.”

Muller used to own a pressure washing company in Washington State, a State with some of the most stringent environmental laws in the nation. As a result, Muller developed custom equipment, procedures, and systems to pressure wash in the most eco-friendly way possible, including recycling and reusing the wash water, and ensuring no pollutant such as oil, grease, and heavy metals removed during the pressure washing process flows into the stormwater system, which harms our ecosystem. Now that Muller moved to Las Vegas and took over ownership of the pressure washer dealership Hotsy of Las Vegas, Muller is excited to introduce the water reclamation technology to the pressure washing community in Las Vegas.

“Our water reclamation system is modular, meaning we can custom build them on any type of vehicle or current pressure washing setup you have. For those wanting an off-the-shelf solution, we also have the water reclamation system with pressure washers installed on a trailer, ready for you to drive away with it,” said Muller. “We all care about water conservation. Our belief is that if we can make the technology economical enough, there is no reason not to do it.”

About Hotsy of Las Vegas

Hotsy of Las Vegas is a family-owned pressure washer dealership with locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Established in 1982, the dealership has gone through ownership by several families. Since taking over ownership in 2022, Aaron Muller works hard to incorporate the most effective water conservation technology to the pressure washers sold at Hotsy of Las Vegas.


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