HIROMI ASAI Unveils Spring Summer 2024 Men’s Collection “UNIVERSE” at Paris Fashion Week to Highlight Kimono

New York fashion brand, HIROMI ASAI, develops men’s wears all made of Japanese Kimono textiles since 2017. HIROMI ASAI presents Spring/Summer 2024 collection on Paris Fashion Week runway with Flying Solo designers at 3pm CET on October 1, 2023. The theme of this collection is UNIVEWRSE, which represents all in the universe including all creatures and spirits, inspired by Japanese traditional craftsmanship. The show is livestreamed on Instagram @flyingsolonyc.

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New York based fashion brand, HIROMI ASAI, (www.hiromiasainy.com) has been trying to revive the essence of Japanese Kimono for modern luxury fashion. The designer, Hiromi Asai, first presented authentic Kimonos on runway at the New York Fashion Week in 2016. HIROMI ASAI has been developing men’s wears made of Japanese Kimono textiles since 2017. HIROMI ASAI has been getting international acclaims for its unique styles and concepts, and outstanding qualities.

HIROMI ASAI presents Spring/Summer 2024 (SS24) collection on runway at Flying Solo Paris Fashion Week Show starting at 3pm Central European Time on October 1, 2023. The collection title is “UNIVERSE,” which represents all in the universe including all creatures and spirits. The design motifs of this collection include flowers, animals, birds, trees, surface of the moon, the universe and more. Some of the prominent pieces are overalls inspired by Japanese priests’ formal clothes which may connect this world and the next. HIROMI ASAI has unveiled some of SS24 collection in September during New York Fashion Week; however, some brand-new outfits will debut in Paris. As always, HIROMI ASAI respects Japanese tradition and evolves traditional Japanese textiles to worldwide high fashion by progressive forms with all details inspired by Kimono. Japanese craftsmen, who usually manufacture textiles for authentic Kimono by various traditional techniques, and Hiromi Asai developed new textiles for this collection. The collection was tailored by Japanese unparalleled techniques. HIROMI ASAI SS24 collection could be recognized as treasures created by Japanese artisanship.

The show is held at La Galerie Bourbon in Paris, and this show is also livestreamed on Instagram (instagram.com/flyingsolonyc), starting at 3pm CET on October 1, 2023. 

“I am excited to show HIROMI ASAI SS24 collection named UNIVERSE, which represents all in the universe including all creatures and spirits, in Paris. I am proud to participate in Paris Fashion Week with Flying Solo colleagues, cerebrating the opening of the new Flying Solo Store in Paris,” Ms. Hiromi Asai said. “We are always respectful to Japanese tradition, but the essence of Kimono is in the fabrics rather than its form. We are evolving Japanese traditional textiles to luxury high fashion which people worldwide love and enjoy wearing.”

HIROMI ASAI SS24 collection will be available at the boutique and showroom in New York; Flying Solo (flyingsolo.nyc) or its online store (flyingsolo.nyc/designer/hiromi-asai) after the show. In addition, some of the new collection will appear at Collet on Sunset in West Hollywood, California (www.instagram.com/coletteonsunset).


HIROMI ASAI @ Flying Solo

Spring/Summer 2024, Flying Solo Show at Paris Fashion Week

Date and Time: Sunday, October 1, 2023; 3:00 pm Central European Time

Location: La Galerie Bourbon (only by invitation)

Livestream: https://www.instagram.com/flyingsolonyc/


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