Harvesting BIM to Build Informed Environments

WINDHAM, N.H., June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CDV Systems and ONUMA, Inc., will demonstrate ways building owners can save significant amounts of money while improving quality of outcomes by managing information through the entire lifecycle of their buildings. The free web program is titled, “Harvesting BIM to Build Informed Environments” and showcases the use of AI and Digital Twins governed by Asset Management to secure data for the entire lifecycle of a building.

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Secure information management from initial planning, through design development, construction documentation, commissioning, building operations and maintenance will be demonstrated in a web program that continues a series of publicly available events that focus on bringing solutions to real-world situations.

The web program on June 29, 2023, 4 pm Eastern will build on an AI and Digital Twin demonstration that created a BIM high-rise corporate apartment building in downtown Tokyo to address a real program requirement. See more at: https://www.bimstorm.com/2023aiaia.html

Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc. said, “In this program, we will show how real program information securely passes through multiple software applications to result in an owner’s ‘dream process’ of having usable information at the beginning of a building’s functional use and available for ongoing operations and maintenance.”

The building will then be virtually “landed and positioned” in Calgary, Canada, to show how the process works anywhere in the world.

Cyril Verley, CEO and President, CDV Systems, said, “Building owners need to understand what is possible today so they know what to specify in their new building projects – and for their existing buildings. The demonstration will show the ways owners can gain dramatic benefits by ‘harvesting’ information from their Building Information Models.”

Owners typically do not gain many benefits from their planners, architects, engineers, and contractors who use powerful software tools to complete their segmented services. “Harvesting BIM to Build Informed Environments” will provide insights on how building owners can save time and money from advances in information technology.

CDV Systems and ONUMA, Inc. are organizational members of the Asset Leadership Network, a non-profit that advocates for use of asset management governance to improve mission outcomes. “The collaborative demonstration of ONUMA, Inc. and CDV Systems is a perfect example of how owners can govern their building information as an asset to gain dramatic performance advancements,” said Michael Bordenaro, Executive Director, Asset Leadership Network.

The “Harvesting BIM to Build Informed Environments” web program follows a weekly web discussion the Asset Leadership Network will conduct with Steve Wyton, Manager of Asset Management Planning, Calgary, Canada. Calgary is successfully encouraging residential high-rise construction in its downtown. The building technology demonstration will show how the high-rise owners can contract for better information management.

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