General Air Products Brings Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology to the Fire Protection Industry

EXTON, Penn., Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — General Air Products is proud to be a leader in the introduction of the Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (or VpCI®) to the fire sprinkler system industry with their latest corrosion prevention product, the Vapor Pipe Shield. VpCI® might be new to the fire protection industry, but it is a tried-and-true technology that’s been used for decades to protect and extend the shelf life of many familiar metal products including metallic car parts, oil pipelines, steel bridge cables, and even infused with concrete to protect rebar in building projects. Now, by way of the Vapor Pipe Shield, this technology will be able to protect dry and pre-action sprinkler systems from damaging corrosion.

The Vapor Pipe Shield is a patented and UL Listed delivery system of VpCI® piped directly in-line between the air compressor and dry pipe valve. With no electrical to hook up, this completely mechanical process makes Vapor Pipe Shield as easy to install as an Air Maintenance Device. Once installed, the VpCI® molecules are dispersed throughout the piping using the airflow provided by the dry or pre-action system and then adsorb to the metal surface of the piping system. Once there, these molecules form a one-molecule thick barrier — or protective shield — on the metal that repels corrosive elements from contacting the pipe directly, stopping corrosion in its tracks. And because VpCI® molecules can also penetrate any standing water in the piping network, it doesn’t matter how much oxygen or moisture is in the sprinkler system — oxygen and moisture are rendered irrelevant.

The Vapor Pipe Shield from General Air Products is a game-changing technology in the fire sprinkler system, making corrosion mitigation and prevention in any dry or pre-action sprinkler system simple, efficient, and highly cost-effective. For more information about the Vapor Pipe Shield, please contact General Air Products Director of Marketing Jim Doherty at
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