Freestyle Rapper and Inventor Team up to Promote Humpus

WEST MIDLANDS, England, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Humpus adult toy inventor Rob Stephenson recently hooked up with American freestyle rapper Harry Mack to create an off-the-cuff video promoting his revolutionary product. The two met online quite by chance, but the end result was a remarkable video now available on Mack’s YouTube page.

According to Stephenson, he decided to visit the Omegle chat website in hopes of connecting with users who match his target demographic. The goal was to engage in a few chats and perhaps glean some marketing ideas as a result. Stephenson claims he did not fare well until just before he was ready to log out.

This is when Mack introduced himself and struck up a conversation. Stephenson learned that Mack is well known in the US for his improvisational style of rap. What Mack refers to as ‘Guerrilla Bars’ features him walking down the street and rapping about what he sees. He does no preparation in advance; he raps in real time based on whatever he encounters at the time.

Mack’s YouTube channel features videos showing him doing his finest work on LA streets. He also meets fans online to rap about ideas they throw at him. Stephenson did just that, feeding Mack a few words and phrases about his invention. Then he sat back and let Mack do his thing.

“Meeting Harry gave me an instant boost as his enthusiasm rubbed off on me,” Stephenson said. “When he asked me to tell him a few words or phrases that he could rap about, I instantly thought of Humpus. He quickly created something that was exceptionally good.”

Stephenson said he was initially unsure about allowing Mack to publish the resulting video on his YouTube channel. But after thinking it over, Stephenson decided the publicity was worth any personal embarrassment he might feel about being seen online without having prepared for the session.

Interested viewers can check out the Harry Mack Omegle Bars Episode 3 video by visiting this link- More information about Stephenson’s Humpus adult toy product can be obtained from his website at

About Harry Mack

Harry Mack is an American freestyle rapper who has entertained millions in the US. He is well known for his visual style combined with his innate ability to use music to comment on just about any topic. Mack has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and has worked with Kendrick Lamarr, RedBull music, and other well-known entities. He was featured in a 2018 Mitsubishi ad campaign across North America. Harry Mack’s YouTube

About Rob Stephenson

Rob Stephenson is a UK inventor and the driving force behind Humpus.

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Rob Stephenson
Phone: +44 (0)7487 446 163