For Suraksha Naturals, Balance Is Key

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Science and tradition are common perspectives to bring to the health and wellness industry. However, few brands can manage to combine both approaches to health together into a seamless and effective product. Suraksha Naturals has managed to do so in the form of its Keto-Veyda line of supplements.

The health and wellness industry is known for its gravitational pull toward holistic solutions. Often brands will sacrifice more potent medicinal options in the name of a healthier, whole-body option.

However, there’s one brand that is refusing to compromise on either holistic wellness or scientific solutions. Indian brand Suraksha Naturals is centered on the holistic approach of Ayurvedic living, which, in the words of the company, focuses on “the entire body and its overall health, rather than narrowing in on specific ailments as they arise.” 

While an Ayurvedic brand is nothing new, Suraksha Naturals is taking things one step further by approaching Ayurvedics with an expressly scientific mindset. Specifically, the company is modernizing its supplements by asking the question “How can Ayurvedic herbal remedies be used in conjunction with a modern Keto diet?”

The result of this fusing of cutting-edge innovation and five-thousand-year-old tradition is Suraksha Natural’s Keto-Veyda product line. Designed to fill in the nutritional gaps created by the popular keto diet, the supplements include, among other things, the company’s B12 vitamin spray, its fat-to-energy converting Carnilite capsules, and its KetoSlim weight loss support.

The goal of all of these products is to bring ancient Ayurvedic tradition into the 21st century. Rather than choosing between science or tradition, Suraksha Naturals has gone above and beyond to bring the two options together into a single solution.

This has inspired the brand to aim for more than just addressing individual health concerns. Suraksha Naturals has made it a goal to create “a new social movement toward healthy living.” By marrying science and custom, research and convention, innovation and tradition, the Keto-Veyda label, and Suraksha Naturals by extension, is blazing a new trail forward into a scientifically backed, holistically inspired future for the health and wellness industry.

About Suraksha Naturals: Suraksha Naturals was founded in India in 2003 as one of twelve verticals in the Suraksha Group Company. Ever since its inception, the brand has built its business model on the concept of bringing innovation and science together. The company has succeeded thus far, cultivating a loyal customer base that spans the globe.

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