For PilotsFriend, Less Is More When It Comes to Caffeine

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Energy boosting brand PilotsFriend has put years of research into perfecting its signature drink, Altitude. One of the cornerstones of its flagship formula is the need to scale back the total amount of caffeine involved. This gives the body a pleasant, crash-free pick-me-up that can help professionals everywhere stay awake and alert.

Traditional energy drinks have an obscene amount of caffeine. Eight ounces of cola can have over 25mg of caffeine easily. The same amount of black tea ups the ante to 50 mg. Coffee doubles the number yet again, while an energy drink can skyrocket the quantity to 250 mg at a time.

The point is, energy drinks are always associated with dramatic amounts of caffeine. It’s a problem that the founders of PilotsFriend were well aware of when they set out to make their groundbreaking energy shot.

After extensive research by doctors and nutritions, the PilotsFriend team found out the surprising fact that, while caffeine is effective, a person needs less than 50mg of the stuff at any given moment to operate at optimal concentration and performance. More than that and the body will treat it as a toxin, flushing out your system in an attempt to remove the excessive amount of the substance.

In the words of the brand, “A high dose of caffeine provides the body with proverbial shock to the nervous system,” adding that the “body reacts to it as toxication that it has to work harder to discharge.” This, in turn, dehydrates you, leaving you feeling worse than ever once the initial wave of energy wears off.

Instead, Altitude uses minimal amounts of caffeine. Not only that, but the caffeine doesn’t come from coffee beans or, even worse, a synthetic alternative. Instead, the brand focuses on two sources for its drink: cola nut and guarana extracts. Again, quoting the brand, these special forms of caffeine are “bound differently in both plants.” This means, “their stimulating effect unfolds with a time delay and while releasing an optimal caffeine amount, it contributes to a pleasant feeling of alertness, ideal for those who want to stay focused and alert for an extended period of time.”

The cherry on top is the fact that PilotsFriend refuses to use “monocultures, pesticides and genetic engineering. We believe we must treat Mother Nature with love and respect, which is why we do everything we can to help preserve an ecological balance.”

From a sustainable, Earth-friendly approach to natural ingredients and optimal caffeine levels, Altitude represents a healthy energy booster that isn’t just an alternative to traditional energy drinks. It’s straight-up superior.

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