Flowfinity's New Release Targets Growing Demand for Actionable Real Time Operational Intelligence Dashboards

VANCOUVER, BC, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Flowfinity, a leading no-code platform for building and automating business process applications and interactive dashboards for enterprise, has released Flowfinity 21.1 with an improved user experience to make it even easier to visualize transactional and operational data in real-time natively within your applications.

Flowfinity provides an advantage over traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools because the dashboards are built-in and therefore connected to source data in real-time, without any external integrations or additional costs.

Additionally, Flowfinity dashboards are directly connected to both business process applications and your operational database, so you can turn insight into action instantly by executing business tasks directly from the dashboard, whether in the office or in the field using a mobile device.

The platform natively combines flexible data collection apps and reporting dashboards with process automation robots and GIS map hosting supporting Esri, Mapbox or MapTiler while access tokens allow external users to participate in workflows on demand. These unique capabilities are why Flowfinity is being widely adopted by organizations that need accurate real-time field data collection and reporting to ensure project success.

This is occurring against a backdrop of rapid digital transformation across industries as companies accelerate the digitization of their customer, supply-chain and internal operations, often using no-code tools to deploy solutions in weeks that would have traditionally taken months to deliver before the pandemic made digitization a priority.

“As demand for custom applications and data visualizations outstrips the capacity of IT departments, business analysts and project managers can be confident that operational intelligence dashboards and business process applications built with Flowfinity can be deployed and scaled quickly, while maintaining full IT control over quality and compatibility.” said Larry Wilson, VP Sales & Marketing, Flowfinity.

Other new Flowfinity Actions 21.1 features include expanded data query parameters for an improved user experience and support for secure email SMTP connectivity and encryption to provide greater safeguards for dynamic automated notifications.

About Flowfinity
Flowfinity is a no-code platform used to create, automate and integrate custom business processes applications fast. For over 20 years, Flowfinity has empowered leading IT and business professionals to build flexible, scalable field data collection apps and workflows without committing the resources required to write and maintain code. Our intuitive platform combines a web-based app editor, SQL database, advanced mobile data collection, interactive dashboards, process automations, and reliable integrations.

For more information, please visit: https://www.flowfinity.com/.

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Marketing Manager


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