ElectricalLicenseRenewal.com Unleashes New Course Offerings for ICC Certified Inspectors

Empowering Inspectors with Expert-Created, On-Demand Education

WASHINGTON, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ElectricalLicenseRenewal.com, the top choice in continuing education for electrical pros, just launched a Brand-new slate of Courses for ICC Certified Inspectors. As an ICC Preferred Provider (Provider Number: 2192), they’re serving up education that hits all the right notes with industry standards.

Here’s the lineup, in case anyone’s curious:

  • 2023 NEC Code Changes Update
  • “Available Fault Current”
  • “Grounding & Bonding”
  • “Passing the Electrical Inspection”
  • “Electrical Theory & Calculations”

These aren’t just any internet courses. Developed by industry legends like ICC Master Code Professionals, NEC Code Making Panel Members, and IAEI Master Electrical Inspectors, they’re packed with insights from folks who know their stuff. You definitely want this.

Why ElectricalLicenseRenewal.com Rocks:

  • Expert-Driven Content: These courses are created by professionals who actually understand the needs and challenges of inspectors. Practical, up-to-date, and packed with real-world insights.

  • ICC Preferred Provider: ElectricalLicenseRenewal.com is an ICC Preferred Provider. Their Provider Number is 2192. Need they say more?

  • Flexible Learning: The online, on-demand courses can be accessed whenever. 24/7/365. Because your schedule is the only one that matters.

  • Comprehensive Education: The platform covers all the must-know topics to keep inspectors sharp, knowledgeable, and ahead of the curve.

Why is ElectricalLicenseRenewal.com the Best Choice?
While ICC offers courses, ElectricalLicenseRenewal.com provides an ideal blend of flexibility, expert insights, and easy access. Their courses go above and beyond to offer real, valuable knowledge that inspectors can use every day, not just the minimum requirements. They are new and deep ideas on a plate.

About: ElectricalLicenseRenewal.com is a nationally approved online inspector license renewal / inspector continuing education provider dedicated to its inspector base.
ElectricalLicenseRenewal.com is a nationally approved provider of online inspector license renewal and continuing education. As an ICC Preferred Provider, they offer ICC Inspector Continuing Education Courses accepted in many states. 

All courses are reciprocal with many states for free.

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