Dunwoody College of Technology Receives Second ACCE Accreditation

Now Includes Construction Management Bachelor’s Degree Program

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dunwoody College of Technology, a leader in hands-on technical education, is proud to announce that its Construction Management Bachelor’s Degree program has received accreditation through the prestigious American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). This is the second program accreditation from ACCE in two years and solidifies Dunwoody’s position as a leading institution committed to delivering top-notch education in the field of construction management.

Having already earned the ACCE accreditation for its Construction Project Management Associate of Applied Science Degree program last year, Dunwoody College sets another milestone as the first institution in Minnesota to obtain ACCE’s stamp of approval for both its Bachelor’s Degree and Associate’s Degree programs in Construction Management.

“The ACCE accreditation reinforces our position as a leading institution in Minnesota, preparing future construction leaders with the skills, knowledge, and industry expertise necessary to shape a thriving and innovative construction landscape,” said Polly Friendshuh, Dean of Construction Sciences & Building Technology at Dunwoody College of Technology. “This accomplishment validates our faculty’s dedication, our students’ hard work, and our industry partnerships’ significance in shaping the future of construction management.”

The ACCE accreditation is a testament to the College’s dedication to excellence and showcases its commitment to providing students with a comprehensive and industry-relevant education. Achieving ACCE accreditation demonstrates the strength and relevance of Dunwoody’s Construction Management curriculum, which equips students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience required for leadership roles in the construction field.

“With this announcement, Dunwoody becomes just one of three colleges or universities nation-wide, and the only one in the Midwest, to have achieved accreditation for both its Bachelor of Science and Associate of Applied Science degree programs in Construction Management,” said Provost Scott Stallman. “This second accreditation further demonstrates the strength of Dunwoody’s construction sciences programs, providing students and employers with the confidence of knowing the program is nationally distinguished.”

Dunwoody College continues to position itself as an institution of choice for students seeking exceptional construction education and a pathway to rewarding careers in the industry. By offering both associate and bachelor’s degree programs with ACCE accreditation, Dunwoody provides students with a comprehensive and seamless educational journey, laying a solid foundation for their future success.

ACCE is a global advocate for quality construction education and ensures that accredited programs meet the highest standards of academic excellence. The accreditation serves as a mark of distinction for educational institutions and offers various benefits to students, education programs, and the construction industry at large.

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