Dr. Keith Ablow Adds Personality Testing to His Pain-2-Power.com Platform

BOSTON, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Keith Ablow, Founder of www.pain-2-power.com, has added personality testing to the site (https://www.pain-2-power.com/personality-profile-testing/).  Pain-2-Power is a healing and empowerment system designed to discover and optimize a person’s core self.  It fuels autonomy, creativity and confidence, thereby delivering personal and professional success.  Now, Pain-2-Power clients will have access to online personality testing to evaluate their strengths and areas in which they can take action to be more effective as individuals and in relationships—personally and professionally.

“Personality testing is an underutilized tool,” Dr. Ablow said.  “Those tests that have been validated across millions of people, with real data that supports their accuracy, can give people an additional window on suboptimal patterns that may be impeding their performance as leaders, as creators and, certainly, in their families.  Lots of these patterns are entirely unconscious until they are identified.  Then people often have minor moments of epiphany when they realize how pervasive their automatic ways of reacting have become.  Empowering change becomes that much more possible.”

According to Dr. Ablow, personality testing is certainly not a complete solution to seeing oneself and surely not to empowering oneself.  “Everyone should take a reliable personality test, and no one should stop there,” Dr. Ablow said.  “That’s why I am building Pain-2-Power.com into a comprehensive site with ebooks, Action Sheets, inspiring and illuminating videos, the Pain-2-Power Podcast and access to 1:1 coaching to become the most powerful individual possible.”

Dr. Ablow’s ebooks include:  Truly Powerful Leadership, Pain-2-Power Parenting, How to Let Go and Move Forward, 30 Days Back to Love, The Future Defines the Past, Pain-2-Power for Marriage, Eight Steps to Increase Your Personal Power and 21 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2021.

Self-knowledge is the cornerstone of Dr. Ablow’s program.  And, according to him, self-knowledge is sorely needed right now.

Dr. Ablow sees Pain-2-Power.com as an antidote to forces in our culture that are reducing autonomy.  “With our rights under siege in this country and with cancel culture threatening to make people keep their thoughts to themselves and watch what they say, lest they be banished, we need tools to reinforce individuality and a sense of self.  Pain-2-Power.com provides those tools.”

Dr. Keith Ablow is a New York Times bestselling author of self-help and true crime books, a USA Today bestselling writer of six novels, a former Washington Post and New York Times columnist, the former host of the nationally-syndicated Dr. Keith Ablow Show, the former national psychology/psychiatry commentator for the Fox News Network and now a frequent guest on Newsmax TV.  He has appeared over 1,000 times on national television, including on The Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends, and multiple times on Oprah. 

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